Adventure Travel Activities

We know that you are looking for adventure during your visit to Moldova, so we have prepared a list of different outdoor and nature-based activities for your convenience. Whether you like to get your adrenaline on or immerse yourself in nature, Moldova offers something for everyone — cycling, hiking, bird watching, kayaking, and much more. And at the end, you can be guaranteed a glass of good Moldovan wine and hearty traditional food.

At Oheiul Vechi you could do rock climbing, hiking or biking. More recently, there is an option to join the bike tours and discover local wineries.
The River Nistru is super for a kayaking adventure. Do not miss a chance to go camping at night, to wake up in the morning on the riverbank, from the mare roaring and feel the fragrance of grass covered in dew.

A spiritual adventure will help you discover the wild nature of the Moldavian Forests, where the oldest monasteries in our country are located: Vărzărești, Căpriana, Hâncu, Hârbovăț, Hârjăuca, Curchi Condrița, and others.

Soft Adventure



For those who want to try a different experience in Moldova, we would recommend to venture on a kayak tour on the River Nistru. So, just get on a boat, put on your safety vest and discover the most hidden places of Moldova! You will get to where just a few have reached so far! After a few hours of rowing, you could choose to stop in a village on the riverbank and try the tastiest zeama in your life. In case you choose to stay overnight in a tent, then we promise to make it one of the most beautiful starry night in your life. Coffee prepared at the open fire in the morning tastes delicious, and the water vapor floating over the River Nistru will capture you into the dreams that you have never thought would ever come true. Note, that this type of sport is recommended for families and team building activities, at the same time, the staff from could also organize the customized tours at your request.

Bird watching trails


The cultural-natural reservation “Orheiul Vechi” has become a pilot area for birdwatching, as this is the areal of habitat for about 100 species of birds, i.e. about one third of the total number of birds observed in the Republic of Moldova. Do not miss the chance to watch the birds in their five natural habitats: floodplains, forests, waters, villages and farmlands. With a bit of luck, you could spot the red bird (Oriolus oriolus), the bee-eater (Merops apiaster), the Blue gull (Alcedo atthis) and the great egret (Casmerodius albus) – some of the rarest species on earth.

Discover Butuceni – Piatra Trail, Getic Fortress Butuceni Trail, Piatra Poplars Alley TrailTrebujeni – Furceni Trail, Morova Gorge Trail, Medieval Town Trail.

Rock Climbing


There are numerous ways to admire the splendor of Moldovan landscapes, among which the courageous rock climbing definitely stands out.  Joining an expedition, you will learn the required basic technique as well as a lot of useful advice from your qualified instructors. No doubts, some exciting experience is waiting for you there. There are many places fit for practicing rock climbing. The most famous are:  Butuceni rocks and Balanesti hills, also known as the Moldovan Mountain (Nisporeni District). Rock climbing is a type of leisure that combines all the elements creating a wonderful getaway outside the city, while the final point of the expedition could be a nice dinner at one of the countryside guesthouses.  If you feel attracted by adventures, do not hesitate to discover the highest points of Moldova and get your unforgettable memories.
Contact the Exitpoint team for partcipipation in rock climbing expeditions.

Orheiul Vechi cycling trails


For those who could not rests even when on vacation, Orheiul Vechi, in its reservation area offers six tourist routes for birds watching, hiking and cycling. The routes have different level of complexity, from 4 up to 23 kilometers. One could go for a walk or take a bike, enjoying the picturesque combs of the River Răut. The experience could be even more interesting while visiting the tourist destinations in the area and gaining some cooking experiences at the rural guesthouses in Orheiul Vechi.

If you left your bike at home you may opt to rent one at Vila Roz, or request specialized biking services for groups from Velopoint.

Explore the biking routes at Orheiul Vechi: Piatra Poplars Alley tria(4km), Trebujeni – Furceni Trail (8km), Morova Gorge Trail (15 km).

Horse riding and dray escapes


If you like forest walks, then go to the racetrack in the city of Chisinau and rent a horse to explore the surroundings. Gentle and quiet, the horses will perfectly complement your promenade through the capital of Moldova.

The visitors of Moldova’s countryside can admire the beauty of oaks, ash trees and feel the fresh forest air. Make a stop in a glade, lie on the grass and admire the sky. The sky in Moldova is particularly beautiful!

Pottery workshops


Pottery is one of the oldest occupations of mankind, transmitting the traditional elements of each culture from generation to generation. In Moldova you can find various potters – those who follow and respect traditional techniques and motifs, but also those who have adopted a modern and minimalist style. We suggest you explore the works of these artists and get a souvenir in which you will keep a particle of the warmth of the Republic of Moldova, wherever you are. And if you have a few hours, then you must go to a pottery masterclass where you will have the opportunity to create your own work of art, giving life to clay.

Cooking Workshops


Do not miss the cooking workshops, organized by the rural guest houses at Orheiul Vechi or faraway in the southern Moldova! Learn how to bake traditional bread with homemade yeasts, then wrap up sarmale into grape or cabbage leaves and prepare cherry dumplings, as per Orheiul Vechi recipe. The patience and mastery of the housewives in the villages will make you fall in love with Moldovan cuisine.
Attention! To benefit on a cooking workshop, request this service in advance at the rural guesthouse of your stay.

Long distance cycling routes


Whether for active travel or amateur sports, adventure tourism is the perfect choice. The Chisinau – Palanca cycle tourism route is unique in Moldova, with an impressive distance of 226 km, 6 segments and dozens of circuits around the destinations in the Codru and Ștefan Vodă regions. The tourist route provides information and offers of tourist experiences at wineries, local museums, pensions, and monuments, thus increasing their attractiveness.



Camping is an ideal place where you can carry out recreational activities outdoors.
If you want to leave the busy urban areas to enjoy nature, temporarily live in camping houses, bungalows, caravans, tents, or even under the open sky.

We have prepared for you a list of locations where you can campsite with friends or family.



If you enjoy an active lifestyle and think you have already tried all the possible sports in Moldova, we suggest you try something new!

Stand-up Paddle – SUP is an old Hawaiian sport that became very popular a few years ago. Now you have the opportunity to try it in Moldova. On your request, some events can be organized where you can take a large and extremely stable inflatable board and a paddle.

Even if it seems to you that for sports associated with boards you need waves, with stand-up the paddle things are different, it can be practiced on any lake, river or water accumulation. However, the activity can take place only in favorable weather conditions, without rain or strong winds.

Wake Park

moldovatravel is the first and only park in Moldova that allows you to combine active and passive types of recreation, both on land and on water. The main feature of the park is wakeboarding – a new sport in Moldova.

The park has a large number of different activities for children and adults:

Water activities: wakeboarding; sapboarding; aquakeeper.

Children’s entertainment: aquazorb; trampoline; playground; Kid`s camp.

Camping: rent of tents; camping by the lake; rental of a campervan. was created to promote summer extreme sports and expand the boundaries of outdoor activities. Club members were united by love for an active lifestyle, family vacations and drive.

Wine Routes of Moldova


The Wine Route of Moldova includes the best of the wine heritage sites in the country. These routes offer authentic experiences for wine lovers and travelers who prefer destinations “off the beaten path”. The wine routes of the Wine Road lead travelers to explore wine producers from four historical wine regions: Codru, Valul lui Traian, Ștefan Vodă and Divin. Guests will have the chance to meet small winemakers, underground national wineries and iconic wineries.

“Iter Vitis – Les Chemins de la Vigne” is the pan-European network of routes and tourist experiences dedicated to wine and aims to protect the biodiversity of wine, highlighting its uniqueness in a globalized world. Starting with 2020, Moldova’s Wine Road Route has become part of the Iter Vitis network, offering authentic wine experiences and wine tourism itineraries that encourage tourists to discover the precious elements of the old European wine culture, but also the vibrant revival of wine traditions, supported by a new generation of winemakers.

Explore the Wine routes of Moldova

Rediscover Moldova routes


Moldova is a constantly developing tourist destination that can offer unique experiences every time. Choose to discover and rediscover Moldova through the predetermined routes to make sure that you will not miss anything important. Each of the 3 routes is worth a try. Save them and start your own adventure!

Explore the country level routers Rediscover Vadul-Rascov and Socola, Rediscover the Southern Moldovan Countryside, Rediscover the Center of the Country .

See the routes

If you like folk crafts — particularly hand-woven rugs — you will love the Rustic Art Crafts Complex in Clisova Noua village. Yes, Moldovans still weave authentic Bessarabian rugs on hand looms. You can see how they do it, and how they make traditional costumes, when you visit this area, which is on the Chisinau-Lvov road.

At the “Ceramica Triboi” Center you can participate in a pottery master class with master Zaharia who learned this art 30 years ago, but also his son Adrian, who is committed to combining old pottery traditions with modern and minimalist trends. In Ciorești you can admire the collection of handicrafts, buy or order a personalized clay creation. The center also has a restaurant where visitors can enjoy delicious traditional dishes.

The talent and passion for the art of pottery is passed down from generation to generation in the family of Vasilii Gonciari, who in turn inherited the occupation from his father. Vasilii managed to gather a huge collection of ceramic elements at his workshop in Hoginești. Here tourists come to admire the clay objects, including the largest clay jug in the region measuring over two meters, but also to participate in master classes organized by the talented craftsman.

Hard Adventure

Moldova seen from the height


Moldova is even more beautiful if viewed from the height, that is why we recommend those who enjoy the elevation to get a suntan flying over our country. Viewed from above, the hills, cliffs, forests and rivers form a rather unique landscape. A plane for rent could be found at Vadul-lui-Voda Sports Airfield, while booking a flight would cost you Mdl. 1000 or more.

Find out more details on light planes flights on

The white city seen from a hot air balloon


Would you like to explore the capital of Moldova? What about exploring it from the height of a bird’s flight? Are you courageous enough to climb into a hot air balloon? Then we definitely recommend you to book a hot air balloon flight. Try the unique experience of seeing the massive blocks of the city turn into small white pieces, arranged symmetrically among the trees. Detach yourself from the mundane problems and reach the ninth heaven, while visiting Moldova!  Rides are available throughout the year.

Your balloon flight could be scheduled at



Do you like top adrenaline adventures? Keep in mind that in Moldova there are four places from where you could fly by paraglider! Orheiul Vechi, Molovata, Dubasari and Fârlădeni. Moldova is a beautiful country to wander on the roads, but viewed from the height of a bird’s flight is a real fairy experience!

A paragliding flight can be booked by accessing

Off-road car rides


The beauty of our country is hiding away from the national highways. There are so many genuinely breathtaking places hidden deep in the untouched bosom of Moldova! That’s why we challenge you to discover these places stepping aside from the beaten tracks. Rent a crossover car and immerse into the golden middle of Moldovan geography. Discover how creatively the rivers have made their way through the cliffs and how beautiful the flower-filled Moldovan plains are.

The Jeep Travel team is available to set up your city getaways, contact them on