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Thank you for your interest in Moldova, a small country with a big heart. Moldova’s location in Eastern Europe, at the crossroads between Romania and Ukraine at the intersection of the Danube River and the Black Sea, speaks to the country’s long and rich history and culture. Layers of civilizations and ethnic groups have gathered at this crossroads for millennia, each contributing to the living history, authentic culture and diversity you still find today in Moldova.

Moldova offers an authentic travel experience that combines incredible wine, ancient culture, delicious traditional cuisine, untouched nature, rural villages filled with tradition, and a genuine hospitality that makes Moldovans some of the most welcoming people on the continent. Moldova will surprise you with its richness of experiences, spirit, beauty, and big heart.

We look forward to sharing this local hospitality and experience with you. 

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Moldova Tourism Press Kit 2022

Moldova Press Kit and Press Releases

Our press kit is a great introduction to learning about Moldova, including:

  • Story ideas and what’s new in Moldova’s tourism sector
  • Main tourism attractions and quintessential travel experiences
  • Overview of history, culture and cuisine
  • Moldova’s 7,000-year old story of wine + modern transformation

Latest press releases:

Moldova wine tasting in the vineyard

Story Ideas and Latest Developments

  • Sustainable Tourism: The recent partnership with GSTC and investments in renewable energy show Moldova’s commitment to sustainability in the tourism industry with the aim of developing a sustainable tourism destination.
  • Wine Tourism: More than 150 km of Iter Vitis wine routes highlighting 40 wineries around the country. Recent investments in wine tourism resulting in tasting rooms and wine tours (40 wineries), accommodation (8 wineries) and restaurants (15 wineries), meaning that travelers can have a truly unique wine holiday.
  • Adventure Travel: 150km of newly marked cycling routes in southern Moldova and 48km of new hiking trails in central Moldova with more routes planned soon!
  • Network of rural guest houses: investments in family-run guest houses mean quality accommodation with home-cooked traditional meals and a connection to nature and rural communities.
  • Dynamic capital city of Chișinău: Newly opened hip wine bars and restaurants focusing on local producers and fresh ingredients with a modern twist.
  • “A Small Country with a Big Heart” Documentary: Filmed in spring 2022 as Ukrainian families fled their houses and crossed the border into Moldova in search of safety, this Moldovan documentary tells this incredible story through the hosts of the rural guest houses in Moldova who provided safe refuge and a welcoming smile to their Ukrainian neighbors in need.


The second European Political Community (EPC) Summit took place at Mimi Castle in Moldova. Mimi Castle is located in Bulboaca village, Anenii Noi district, 30 km away from Chişinău International Airport. The approximate duration of the trip from the airport to Mimi Caste is about 25-30 minutes and from Chişinău to Mimi Castle about 45-50 minutes.

The political summit is the most important political event that happened in the Republic of Moldova.

Check the Moldova Economic Overview for more information.

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