Chisinau City

Chisinau is a good place to start any visit to Moldova. Not only does Moldova’s capital city take pride in its expansive green spaces, including more than 23 lakes and numerous large parks, but Chisinau is also filled with interesting things to see like its museums, churches, outdoor markets, historical monuments, theatres and much more. Wander Chisinau’s streets and you’ll find diverse architecture, including 19th century buildings, grand Soviet architecture built from white limestone and modern urban design. Add to this a large selection of quality restaurants, hotels, wine bars, local fashion, breweries, and shopping and you’ll see how Chisinau has it all, often at lower cost than many other European cities, for a relaxing, fun and different city break. The Visit Chisinau official website also has lots of information on what to do and see in Chisinau, including audio guides for all the major sites.

Bernardazzi Architecture

Chisinau is a city in transition, with new and old buildings side by side. Many older buildings were built during Soviet times in a functional style typical of that era.
But Chisinau abounds in architectural masterpieces, many of which were designed by the famous Russian architect Alexandru Bernardazzi.

A green city

Chisinau is a green city, with lots of trees along its streets and boulevards that are particularly beautiful during spring and summer. May is perfect for walking under the scent of blooming acacia.
Stefan cel Mare Central Park, Valea Morilor and the Stefan cel Mare Public Garden are good places to dodge the heat during summer or go on fall walks.

We speak romanian, russian and – increasingly – english

Romanian and Russian are the mainstays of Moldovan communication, but more of us are speaking English, particularly younger people. If you need directions on the street, your best bet is to ask someone who looks like a high school or university student.

Abundant and reliable Wi-Fi

Many visitors are surprised to find quality wi-fi in almost every hotel, restaurant, café and bar in Chisinau, as well as in many parks and outdoor spaces. Hacking is rare, but standard precautions are advisable.

In Chisinau
eat good

The city has many hotels, restaurants, cafes and bars, and new establishments providing better services continue to open. Most of them are concentrated in the old centre. We have restaurants with both traditional and European (Greek, French, Italian) and Oriental (Japanese, Vietnamese) cuisine. Being the capital of a wine-producing country, in Chisinau you will not miss places to taste good wine. The map of the wine shops and wine clubs is growing.

Restaurante Bucătărie Tradițională

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The restaurant invites you to taste royal food and drinks in a historical ambiance. The menu includes specialties inspired by several cultures: Romanian, Turkish, Russian, along with other culinary art works taken from the cuisine of the countries that had contacts with the Romanians. “Vatra Neamului” restaurant invites you to sit at an old table, full of memories, to eat using local royal cutlery, characteristic of the old age, and to delight your senses with the exceptional traditional cuisine!

If you languish for tasty pies, then go to “La Plăcinte “, where you can find the largest variety of pies in the city. But their menu is not limited to delicious pastries, it includes the whole range of traditional food. We recommend that you do not miss the famous dessert of the restaurant – sour cherry pancakes, which are, in fact, the taste of the Moldovans’ childhood. Are you wondering what our childhood tastes like?

„La Șezătoare” restaurant invites you to spend time in the company of authentic food and music. Its menu offers you a large range of traditional food, starting with sarmale (dolmas) and ending with homemade noodles. By the way, have you heard about șezătoarea (sitting), another element inherited by our people from the ancestors? This secular tradition implies spending time with peers, talking about what’s new and doing not too hard work, such as knitting, crocheting or even embroidery.

Due to „La Taifas” restaurant, you will keep long-lasting memories of the Moldovan culinary traditions. At the entrance, father Nicolai awaits you with a glass of wine and, before leaving, you will necessarily have one for the road, what the Moldovans call the “stirrup cup” – meaning that you will have a glass of wine on the house, so that you can take some of the warmness of this place with you. At “La Taifas”, you can spend a beautiful evening in its big room and have a good Moldovan wine, while watching how the bread is being baked in the wood oven.

„Popasul Dacilor” restaurant was born out of the hosts’s love for history and nation. Built from river stone, with a facade made of stone from Ţâpova, the restaurant always succeeded to combine what is beautiful, pleasant and healthy. “Popasul Dacilor” seems to be detached from the daily reality. The authentic atmosphere of the place makes you want to feast on royal dishes. From the house specialty, “Popasul Dacilor” platter, to the duck stuffed with dolmas, from rib soup to the Moldavian tochitura (a kind of stew), from peasant toba (stuffed pork hog maw) to homemade pie – all of them can be tasted here, being cooked with a special care and love.

Do you enjoy being home to mom? The Moldovans are spiritually connected to the house in which they grew up, so they worship the place where mother is. If you want to experience what it’s like to be received at a Moldovan mother’s house, then go to the restaurant “Acasă la mama” (“Home to Mom”). Here you have the chance to eat the tastiest homemade chicken soup served with flatbread and chili pepper. And, no doubts, if you taste the mămăliga (polenta) with fish and garlic sauce, you will not remain indifferent to our cuisine culture.

One of the few restaurants in Chisinau offering its guests the opportunity to live the Gagauzian cuisine experience. The restaurant’s recipes are deeply rooted in the tradition of this community, which is so interesting from a cultural perspective. Sheep meat, homemade wine and sheep cheese are the three pillars of the Gagauzian culinary tradition. That is why, when you visit this place, you must try two of the house specialties: kavurma and gozleme associated with wine. You will not regret it!

The Restaurant-Museum “Roata Vremii” is an oasis of Moldovan history and culture. The multitude of traditional elements present here offers a feeling of time travel, in the times when people ate healthy, a lot and well. Each room of the restaurant reflects important milestones or moments in the history of Moldova. The hosts also provide a culinary exhibition with traditional Moldovan dishes and lots of wines from the Moldovan collection.

A real atmosphere of ancient Moldova awaits you at the restaurant “La Crîșmă”. Traditional wooden furniture, carpets with double fabric and Moldavian ceramics make the atmosphere close to the place special. Skilled chefs offer a variety of traditional dishes: juice and soup, grilled meat delicacies, and of course, assorted pies and polenta, all prepared according to the old Moldovan technology. The restaurant has a real wood oven, thanks to which you can feel the aroma of freshly baked bread.

BERD’S philosophy combines Moldova’s best features such as fruitfulness, flavors and sun. Our cuisine goes over the typical perception of Moldovan traditional food, offering an exquisite and unique gastronomical experience.
Delight yourself with an authentical atmosphere of intimacy and art, away from daily rush and routine.

Restaurante Bucătărie Internațională

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Pleasant atmosphere, stylish setting, exclusive background music, selected drinks and absolutely delicious food: all this is about Eli Pili – a suitable location for a romantic dinner or a warm meeting with friends. The menu offers a variety of traditional and European dishes in generous portions, served with great originality. Remember to pair your food with the right drink: beer, wine or spirits. The restaurant is open 24/7 and is suitable for any occasion. Check it out!

Madam Wong is a contemporary Chinese cuisine restaurant, coming to us from Hongkong. The restaurant combines several gastronomic traditions of the South-East Asian region and invites you to enjoy its refined dishes, live music and luxurious atmosphere. When you visit Madam Wong, remember to try the Miso soup with seafood and the Dorado fish fillet with Teriyaki sauce. And for dessert, we recommend you the notable Asian Cherry, a dessert with an Oriental accent, created by pastry chef Tatiana Drobot.

At London’s Steak House, the most juicy and tasty steaks of pork, beef, chicken and even salmon are prepared. The interior of the restaurant will give you the impression of an English pub, perfect for going out with friends or a dinner with family. Do not hesitate to order one of the house specialties associated with a red wine or beer. And if you run out of time – call the place in advance and come to the table!

If you love going out with friends in the city, you prefer noisy companies and good drink, then “York Pub” is the perfect place for you. The pleasant and positive interior creates a favorable atmosphere for communication. Moreover, every weekend, inside the pub, bands of artists with live songs perform.

Located in downtown Chisinau, the venue is bragging about the food it offers to real men: large portions, natural products and plenty of meat! Its celebrities are the steaks prepared with great care, passed through six levels of frying and presented to consumers in the most irresistible associations. You must be wondering who is cooking the most masculine food in the city, at Jack’s Bar&Grill? A young lady, of course. Come and enjoy the gastronomic delights created by Olga Curarari. 

Discover the European gastronomic world, or the sushi world at Mojito Bar. The hosts have prepared for their guests an absolutely challenging menu, perfectly complemented by the wine list. Also, the hosts promise you that your experience as their guest will motivate you to come over again.

Coziness, harmony, refinement and quiet music are the typical attributes of the Buffalo Steak House. Juicy and appetizing steaks are served along with homemade bread, baked in the oven, and paired with high-quality wines. Apart from the quite varied menu, Buffalo Steak House also offers the Steak Shop option – a rich assortment of premium quality meat dishes ready to be fried. In other words – if you value your time and love good food – Buffalo Steak House is a must visit. We believe you will not regret it!

Loft invites you to travel together through the refined world of European cuisine, where you will definitely want to return. Comfortable premises in the center of Chisinau, select menu and people who know their trade have combined in this special place, and for your comfort, the restaurant has organized several areas: lounge, chill out, large non-smoking room and VIP room, where you you can enjoy absolute privacy.

Rozmarin, a restaurant that provides authentic urban cuisine, inspired by Mediterranean, Asian and Mexican flavors. Rozmarin is one of the few local restaurants in Chisinau that has a rich vegan menu, which you must try! The chef, Emil Bojescu makes a phenomenal gazpacho, and delicious spinach ravioli. If you want something lighter, try the falafel with vegetables. Save room for dessert, ask for something homemade by Marina Luca, the Bessarabian pastry chef.

What about spending a quiet evening, in a purely French atmosphere? The PaniPit Restaurant is the perfect location for this. Coffee flavor beautifully intertwines with the “à la Provence” design, creating a perfect environment for warm and sincere talks. And our rich and diverse experience enables us to assure you that our house specialties will teleport you from the heart of Chisinau right to the heart of Paris. And what could be more fantastic than the experience of being simultaneously present in two historical capitals?

The restaurant’s founders intended to create a special environment in ultramodern style. This is a very cozy place, winning its guests by the diversity of the rest zones, and the kitchen staff is ready to take you to an unforgettable culinary adventure.

Despite its name, QBAR is a full-fledged restaurant, with a focus on quality wines and delicious food. The wine list contains Chilean, Latino-American, French, Italian and even North-American wines. The restaurant menu is modest, consisting mainly of aperitives. Nevertheless, guests will find here an absolutely delicious beef tartare and a creamy cheese soup, while vegetarians will enjoy a creamy broccoli soup and vegan burgers. Don’t forget to order cheesecake for dessert. A good wine and food matching will offer you an outstanding gastronomic experience!

The history of the Pegas Restaurant started about two decades ago. Initially, there were three tables for clients and it was known as the place making the best sausages in town. The small grill-bar shortly evolved into a luxury venue, where guests can spend their evening in a friendly and pleasant environment. The restaurant’s kitchen serves excellent meat dishes, as well as European fusion food. This is, without doubt, a place open and available for guests: they are no longer surprised by the large portions the restaurant serves, as they already know this is the perfect place to enjoy attention, comfort and delicious food. Besides, any dish from the menu can be prepared in your favorable way. The Pegas Restaurant is open 24/7. It is not a big deal in terms of costs. But it is worth visiting. 

Georgians are known all over the world for being the “parents” of wine, as well as for their varied, and especially spicy, gastronomic culture. The Georgian cuisine at Saperavi’s will simply charm you; therefore, we highly recommend to stop by while in Chișinău. We suggest you to try Salmon in walnut sauce Bazhe, Kuchmanchi and, of course, Khinkali with pork or beef. And for dessert, don’t forget the apricot, peach or cheese cake. All these delicious treats will be enjoyed in a truly soulful environment. Immerse yourself in the amazing experience of being a guest of the Georgians!

Black Rabbit gastro-burrow is a cafe, a restaurant or a bar, depending on the time of day when you visit it. Every weekday, the cafe opens at 7.30 am, offering classic and original breakfasts, then it continues working as a restaurant with delicious lunch offers, and at the end of the day, Black Rabbit runs into a place for a quiet and cozy dinner, as well as for a pre-party at the bar.

BAR WINE ART — the meeting point defined by the sense of beauty and gastronomical taste.
This area is the perfect spot to spend time with friends, organize business meetings, but also to enjoy unique pieces of Moldovan art while having a meal.Apart from our refined dishes, the accurately selected wine collection will reveal you the taste of local wine yards’ masterpieces.

Berării / PUB-uri

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One can find Kozlovna pub-restaurant on 24 Pushkin Street. They serve both traditional Czech dishes and delicious grilled steaks and spit-roasted food cooked right before your eyes. Beer is certainly the main drink here – the light and brown branded “Velkopopovitsky Kozel”, very fresh draft beer supplied directly from the brewery, immediately after brewing. In the pub itself, beer is stored in ideal conditions for it – it does not come into contact with the air or other compressed gas, so it maintains its highest quality.

Oktoberfest reigns here all year round. The real connoisseurs of the best beer meet here for a pleasant conversation, taste classic and rare types brought from Europe and enjoy original dishes of German and European cuisine.

Budweiser Grill & Pub is a representative of Budweiser Czech beer brand in Moldova, where you will find a large range of craft beer. And what does beer pair best with? With barbecue, of course! The owners are proud of their Josper grill due to which the cooks prepare the most delicious meat!

The styles of classical England and old Chisinau are surprisingly combined here. They serve exclusive beer that cannot be found anywhere else in the city. Its rich heady taste is a great occasion to meet the friends after a busy day. In addition, live music sounds here every Friday and Saturday.

McDonald’s Zity 24/24

8 Calea Iesilor street, Chisinau

McDonald’s Rîșcani 24/24

1/2 Moscova avenue, Chisinau

McDonald’s Botanica 24/24

21/1 Dacia avenue, Chisinau

Patiserie și cafea

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The French confectionery Delice d’Ange was opened in September 2003 and it has conquered the hearts of all citizens since the very first days of its existence. Here you can find a wide selection of the most sophisticated delicacies: appetizing croissants and rolls, unique almond macaroons, exclusive ice cream, cakes and pies with a wide range of fillings and creams and, most importantly, very much chocolate!

Crème de la Crème is an ideal place for a cozy brunch, family lunch or a pleasant dinner. The restaurant owners furnished the ground floor area in an authentic Parisian style, and the main part of the restaurant gives the guests a sense of traveling to Provence. In addition to French croissants and Viennese coffee, Crème de la Crème proposes to the guests an eclectic European menu at an affordable price.

The motto of this coffee shop was inspired by the epoch when rock-and-roll and the subculture of the hippies appeared, an epoch renowned for its philosophy and the desire of people to return to natural purity through love, pacifism and free thinking. To develop and popularize a culture of true, high-quality, freshly roasted coffee, they decided to work with 100% Arabica from the best regions and plantations of the world. A place with a pleasant energy was chosen in the centre of the old city and the doors of the first Tucano coffee shop opened early in November 2011. The Tucano Coffee team is still creating a new coffee shop model – a coffee house as a creative space.

There are many reasons to visit this coffee shop, but the most important is, of course, coffee. Given its large range, it will be difficult for you not to find your favourite recipe here. A friendly barista will help you choose the best coffee for you, and you’ll be able to enjoy it while admiring the unique interior decoration. Coffee lovers will surely be fascinated by the small local coffee museum with a collection of mills of different years.

Caramel confectionary is a fairy tale transposed into real life. The French charm which distinguishes this confectionary from other can be felt in everything: in the sophisticated range of shades, in the warm colours, in the dried flowers in small vases, in the cute curtains and painted plates. In this small charming place decorated in a Provence style, each guest will feel as comfortable as at home.

Panna Cotta cafe is located in the centre of Chisinau, near the Cathedral. As soon as you cross its threshold, you will forget about all daily worries. They use only natural, absolutely eco-friendly raw products here. The bright space with light creamy walls and with a modern design, the comfortable sofas and the original dishes will immerse you into a world full of tastes and aromas, and the atmosphere will delight you with its elegance and sophistication.

If you are looking for a place where you could enjoy good coffee and delicious craft donuts, then go to DC Donuts & Coffee. Here you will get an invigorating and tasty dose of joy that will allow you start your day as pleasantly as possible!

Invino offers a collection of more than 200 hand-picked wines from boutique and lesser-known wineries in Moldova. Here you will find more than 10 000 bottles of vintage wines in its storage  facilities. The wine shop offers more than 20 wines by glass, as well as fun and didactic tastings hosted by Invino’s sommelier.

The Tasting Room WINE.MD is situated in one of the oldest buildings in Chisinau. The tasting room’s design features have preserved elements that remind one of the intriguing history of the building. Here you can pick from a selection of over 600 wines, including a wide range of wines by the glass, all accompanied by a delicious meal.

Carpe Diem is a boutique wine store and wine bar, offering an exceptional selection of distinctive fine wines from Moldova, and from all over the world. Carpe Diem’s store offers over 160 wines from both traditional and emerging wine regions, while the wine bar offers more than 15 local wines by the glass.

Located inside Radisson Blue Hotel, this is the perfect location to taste local and international wines while being a stone’s throw away from Chisinau’s major tourist attractions.

Embargo is a quaint and beautifully designed Wine Bar and Shop where one can enjoy wines from all over Moldova and participate in tasting events. The name was inspired by the embargo imposed by Russia on Moldovan wines. This was a dramatic blow to the wine industry, but also the impetus in Moldova’s changing trajectory to focus on creating unique, high quality wines.

Wine Gogh is a wine restaurant specialising in meat dishes. The qualified staff here will help you pair your dishes with the perfect wine selected from Wine Gogh’s extensive wine list. The restaurant also boasts its own wine label – eponymously named WineGogh.

Decanter Wineshop & Café is a modern sanctuary of good wines, seductive gastronomic experiences, and warm and sincere discussions. The wine shop is located in a XIX century historic building, in proximity to “Muzeul Zemstvei,” which used to be an orphanage.

Poiana Wine Shop & Tasting Room is a specialised wine store, featuring the full range of Poiana’s products. The winery itself is situated in the Codru Wine producing region, in a picturesque place, surrounded by breathtaking woods and vineyards.

At Purcari Wine Bar you can find the full range of Purcari wines, but also a vast selection of other high-quality Moldovan wines, all served with local and international delicacies. The Moldovan wine blogger Andrei Ciubotaru is the face of this wine bar and is regularly hosting thematic tastings.

Di&Vino Wine and Spirits Shop specialises in Moldovan wines and divin – our national brandy. The shop is known for its relaxed atmosphere and its variation of local products at affordable prices. The vision here is to promote local brands and to help the consumer make informed decisions.

Outdoor markets or bazaars

Chisinau Central Market

42 Tighina street

Welcome to the largest open-air market in Chisinau! Sprawling over several acres between Armeneasca, Metropolitan Varlaam and Tighina streets, it is half a block away from — and parallel to — the city’s main thoroughfare, Stefan cel Mare Avenue. You will find entrances on Armeneasca, Tighina and Columna streets. The Central Market is a crowded, colorful, must-visit bazaar, especially during summer, when delicious, natural local fruit and vegetables are available. In winter you will find virtually any type of food for sale as well, including fruit, vegetables, meat, fish and dairy products. The market also offers souvenirs, clothes, shoes, accessories, luggage and other items. Prices are negotiable, so don’t be afraid to haggle with the sellers.


Crafts market

81 Stefan cel Mare si Sfant avenue

If you want to bring back mementos of Moldova, don’t miss the crafts market. Situated smack in the center of Chisinau, near the Organ Hall, it features the works of all kinds of Moldovan craftspeople. Traditional costume items include embroidered peasant blouses, waist sashes known as brau, embroidered catrinta aprons, decorated bundita vests, and leather peasant sandals known as opinci. The market also has ceramic and wood items, crocheted tablecloths, dolls, refrigerator magnets and other souvenirs. In addition, will find Soviet-era collectibles, such as postcards, military badges, and helmets, and ear-flap hats known as ushanka.


Flea market

1 Piata Garii street

If you like antiques, the flea market is for you. Here you will find a multitude of decorative ware, cups and dishes, and other items from yesteryear.


Parks of Chisinau

Ștefan cel Mare si Sfint Public Garden

Bulevardul Ștefan cel Mare și Sfînt

Ștefan cel Mare si Sfint, which opened in 1835, is Chisinau’s oldest park.  Its designers gave it a French look, with flower gardens, more than 1,000 acacia trees and two fountains.  If you love literature, you will appreciate the 28 busts of the Bessarabian Era’s most famous writers and poets lining the Avenue of Classics. Bessarabia was a region the Russians took from the Turks in the 1800s. About two-thirds of it lie in today’s Moldova. Ștefan cel Mare si Sfint Public Garden not only has free wifi, but also electricity outlets for charging your computers or cellphones.

Botanical Garden

Gradina Botanica Street 18

Moldova’s Academy of Sciences founded the 104-hectare Botanical Garden, which has more than 10,000 species of plants, in 1950.
Although it includes the kind of carefully manicured areas that the term “botanical garden” brings to mind, nature has been allowed to run its own course in much of the park. In those areas, it resembles a forest instead of a park.
The garden’s specific-species display areas include sections for roses, flowering vines, alpine vegetation and conifers.
The complex includes several lakes and quiet meadows.
You can often spot interesting wildlife in the park, including long-tailed birds.

Afghanistan War Memorial Park

Miron Costin street 12

This park is dedicated to the 301 Moldovans who died in the war between the Soviet Union and Afghanistna’s anti-Communist mujahideen forces in the 1980s. The park’s centerpiece is a memorial to the fallen Moldovans, who were among 15,000 Soviet soldiers killed in the conflict. The memorial’s design is stark, consisting of four sloped sides – like the legs of a chair – converging in a level near the top from which a cross rises. Like the Vietnam War Memorial in Washington, D.C., it contains the names of all the Moldovans who died in the Soviet-Afghanistan conflict.
The Soviet public’s dismay over the war a key cause of the fall of the Soviet Union, historians say. The promenade leading to the memorial is made up of patches of ground interspersed with walkway. On each side of the promenade are groves of trees. Near the memorial are trendy shops, restaurants and cafés.

La Izvor Park

Calea Iesilor street 22

The spring water that flows into La Izvor Park’s Elena Fountain is so pure you can drink from it. What other park fountain in the world can you say that about? The centerpiece of the 150-hectare park, opened in 1972, is several lakes linked by canals. The lakes’ waters are clean because, like the Elena Fountain, they are spring-fed.

You can also cool off in a waterfall or sun-bathe in two sandy beaches. And the park has paths around the lakes where you can jog or ride a bicycle.
If you’re even more adventurous, you can take a boat or swim to an island with a cave in it.

One reason you should consider going to La Izvor during the summer high season is that it is often less crowded than other Chisinau parks with lakes because it is farther from the center.

Riscani Park

Rascani Park

Riscani is a double-tiered park. The high ground contains broad-leafed trees and the low ground firs. You will find great views of Chisinau from the high ground. The park is long and narrow, its 32 hectares stretching three kilometers along Dimo Street. One of its four lakes contains a boat dock and sandy beach. An unusual feature is a public archery range. Riscani also has water rides and a battery-powered walkway ride – a reindeer pulling a sleigh.

Alunelul Park

Alunelul Park

Alunelul was built in the early 1960s on 11 hectares of ground that once was a section of a Jewish cemetery. The Soviets relocated the remains they displaced for the park to a new burial ground, while leaving some of the old cemetery intact. The park contains a monument called the 1903 Pogrom Memorial that commemorates the dozens of victims of anti-Jewish riots in 1903 and 1905. The pogroms, which injured hundreds and forced thousands from their home, prompted many of Chisinau’s Jews to leave.  Jews have begun returning to the city and elsewhere in Moldova since the break-up of the Soviet Union in the early 1990s.

Cathedral Park

Marii Adunari Naționale Square

Marii Adunari Naționale Square Cathedral Park, located in the heart of the city, is more than 180 years old.  All eight of its entrances lead to the Church of the Nativity. Another park landmark is Chisinau’s version of Paris’s Arch of Triumph. Nearby is the statue of Moldova’s most famous king, Stephan cel Mare.  The park is a relaxing place to walk, sit on a bench with an ice cream from a nearby vending stand, read or check your email – the park has free wifi.

Dendrarium Park

Dendrariu Park

Dendrarium Park may be Chisinau’s most beautiful, with its trees, shrubs and flowers screaming with every hue imaginable in summer. Pinks, yellows, oranges, greens – you name it. Durlesti Creek runs through the 78-hectare (92-acre) grounds, which not only contain Moldovan flora, but vegetation from 50 other parts of the world. Those who love the park say it is even more spectacular when its colors change in the fall. The park oozes tranquility, from the white lilies in its ponds to its tiny rock waterfalls to its electric locomotives taking visitors for rides.
In addition to the trains, kids love a bronze statue collection in the park. It shows a father helping his daughter balance on a skateboard while her dachshund watches.

Valea Morilor (Mill Valley) Park

Grigore Alexandrescu street

Valea Morilor Park in Chisinau’s Buiucani area includes a manmade lake, a cascading water stairway and 218-step pedestrian staircase. Soviet leader Leonid Brezhnev ordered the park built in 1950. During Soviet times it was called the Leninist Youth Central Park of Culture and Rest. It is now one of residents’ and visitors’ favorite Chisinau parks.

You can rent kayaks and canoes on the lake and run or bicycle around it. The park also boasts cafes and playgrounds for the kiddies.  If you are a true explorer, we challenge you to find the park’s hard-to-spot Statue of the Little Prince.

Valea Trandafirilor (Rose Valley) Park

Trandafirilor street 14

Valea Trandafirilor is an oasis near the center of Chisinau, with three natural lakes, rose gardens and lots of trees. Exercise enthusiasts love jogging or bicycling around the lakes, one of which has a swimming beach. Another enjoyable pastime is gliding across the water on paddleboats, including some that kids will love because they look like giant swans or locomotives. You’ll also find restaurants, Chisinau’s only large, permanent Ferris wheel, sand volleyball pits and playgrounds.


Art Gallery and Souvenir and Art Pieces Shop. The gallery is located right in the center of Chișinău, close to the Embassy of Romania.

This museum’s exhibitions are intended to present the evolution of military history and art in the Bessarabian space.

Constantin Brincusi Exhibition Center

3 Stefan cel Mare si Sfant, Chisinau

The Exhibition Center Constantin Brâncuși represents the Union of Plastic Artists of Moldova and displays the most fundamental works of the artists.

Water Tower Town History Museum

60a Alexei Mateevici street, Chisinau

The museum’s building is part of the famous track record of the architecture created by Bernardazzi. Designed initially as a firefighters’ watchtower, it turned later into a place where the history of the city is carefully preserved. The tower balcony opens an overhead view of Moldova’s capital.

Located in the very heart of Chișinău, the National Museum of Fine Arts displays art specimens of all the times – from prehistory to the present. The building was recently renovated and is one of the greatest prides of the city. If you fancy a journey into the local art, this museum is the right place to visit.

National Museum of Ethnography and Natural History

80 Mihail Kogalniceanu street, Chisinau

This is the oldest museum in Moldova, and is hosted in a historical, oriental-style building. Apart from the outstanding permanent exhibition, you will also find a small Botanical Garden and a Vivarium in the museum’s backyard.

This is one of the most important museum institutions in the country thanks to its particularly rich heritage, along with its scientific prestige. You may be surprised by the diorama displaying in miniature war scenes from the Iași-Chișinău Offensive. A 45×11 meter canvas depicts a battle near the village of Leușeni on the Prut River during the summer of 1944. The natural background, which is an integral whole with the canvas, consists of authentic objects: an anti-tank gun, artillery and cartridge boxes, equipment and ammunition. The general surface of the natural background and the pictorial painting of the diorama make up about 800 m.

This building hosted the Russian poet and writer Alexander Pushkin during his exile in Bessarabia, between 1920-1923, when Moldova was under the domination of the Russian Empire.
The museum consists of two buildings: the small house, where Pushkin had lived, fitted with period objects, and a building, used as a museum, hosting three rooms reproducing the staying of the poet in Bessarabia. While in Chișinău, Pushkin wrote other important poems as well, including The Gypsies, apparently inspired by a young gypsy woman Zamfira, the poet met during his frequent trips to Dolna, a village located 50 km from the capital.

Would you like to meet Moldova’s most famous writers? Then go to the very heart of Chișinău – the Ștefan cel Mare Park. Here, on the two sides of the central alley, you will find the busts of the most prominent people of our culture. We suggest you to read a few poems by Mihai Eminescu, Dumitru Matcovschi, Grigore Vieru – the most important poets of our culture, before you take a walk in the park.

This is one of the architectural symbols of Chișinău. The Arch was built in the middle of the 19th century, to commemorate the Russian-Ottoman wars, which also involved the territory of our country. This is the place where the Chișinău residents convene for the most important events of the country.

Eternity Memorial Complex

5 Pantelimon Halippa street, Chisinau

    Opened to commemorate the painful events Bessarabia went through in the 20th century, the monument is located on the territory of the Heroes Cemetery from the World War Two, and represents a pyramid made up of five bayonets, with the eternal flame burning right in the center of the construction.

    Jewish Ghetto Victims Monument

    43 Puskin street, Chisinau

      During the World War Two, a Jewish ghetto was organized in Chișinău, under the administration of the Soviet regime. This is why, you can find in Chișinău a monument in memory of the Jewish, the victims of repression.

      Cornerstone of Chisinau

      38 Albisoara street, Chisinau

        The stone block of Chișinău is located in close proximity to the Măzărache Church – it is believed to be the place Chisinau began to exist.

        Pain Train Monument in Memory of Victims of Stalinist Repression

        1 Piata Garii street, Chisinau

          Located in the Railway Station Square, this monument was built to commemorate the victims of deportations of the communist regime.

          The Monument to Ștefan cel Mare (Stephan the Great), located in the center of Chișinău, is the meeting point for lovers, as well as for protesters. The work is a tribute to the most important historical figure of Moldova – Voievod Ștefan cel Mare. The statue was cast in Bucharest, from six big guns, captured by the ottoman during a Russian-Turkish war. Sculptor Alexandru Plămădeala is the author of the statue, opened on April 29, 1928, in Chișinău, on the 10th anniversary of the unification of Bessarabia with Romania.

          Assumption of the Virgin Mary Wooden Church

          Bulevardul Dacia 54, Chișinău, Moldova

            Beautiful, modest and authentic, this church, located in the Botanica Sector, close to the Zoo, is hidden from the traffic and stays out of the public eye. The silence of the edge of town makes it special, while the church services held in the Romanian and Slavonic languages go deep down in your soul.

            The oldest building in Chișinău is considered to be the Măzărache Church. This institution of worship belongs to the Russian community of Old Believers, but it is also open to all visitors, including during the service, provided the rules are followed.

            Schimbarea la Fata a Mantuitorului Church

            164a Stefan cel Mare si Sfant avenue, Chisinau

              Formerly the chapel of the Boys Gymnasium No2, the Transfiguration Church is an important architectural and spiritual monument.

              With a construction style inspired from the Russian church architecture, the St. Nicolas Church is the former chapel of the city hospital. Over the years, it turned into an island of faith of the capital.

              St. Teodora de la Sihla Church

              20a Alexander Puskin street, Chisinau

                The St. Teodora de la Sihla Church is a cathedral in Chișinău, providing services both on new and old style. The St. Teodora de la Sihla Church is a cathedral in Chișinău, providing services both on new and old style.

                Cathedral of Divine Providence

                85 Dosoftei street, Chisinau

                  The Cathedral of Divine Providence is the spiritual center of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Chișinău.

                  Cathedral of Christ’s Nativity

                  12 Great National Assembly Square, Chisinau

                    This is the main worship building in Moldova and an important architectural monument. The Cathedral is located in the heart of the capital, behind the Triumphal Arch, surrounded by the Central Park of Chișinău.

                    Built in the Bernardazzi style, the church represents an invaluable spiritual legacy of our nation.

                    The monastery “Holy Great Martyr Teodor Tiron”, well known as Ciuflea Monastery, being a convent of nuns in Chisinau, the monastery is classified as a monument of national architecture, listed in the Registry of  history and culture of Chisinau.


                    From the Heart brands

                    You dreamed of a good purchase to make from Moldova, didn’t you?
                    The local textile industry is one of the largest and best developed sectors of the Moldovan economy. Casual and special occasion wear, for ladies, gentlemen and children, footwear and leather accessories – in Moldova, we manufacture everything!
                    Follow this link to meet the more than 50 local brands:
                    Here you can buy Moldovan brands online:

                    See locations on the map



                    What about a handmade souvenir from Moldova? Here are the most popular local traditional crafts: pottery, leather processing, osier or corn husks weaving, carpet weaving, embroidery, crochet, etc. You will find handicraft objects at the Fantezie Souvenir Shop (83, Ștefan cel Mare și Sfânt Bd., Chișinău) or at the handicraft market located a few hundred meters from the souvenir shop located on the pedestrian part of the Eugen Doga street. Handmade items are also sold within the largest local festivals.
                    Here are some suggestions to take with you to remind you about Moldova or to make a gift:

                    • Kitchen pots: bowls, clay dishes and cooking pots for sarmale (stuffed cabbage rolls) and other dishes
                    • Moldovan traditional costume (handwoven straight apron, bag and belt, embroidered blouse or shirt, leather peasant sandals)
                    • Handwoven carpet – the Handicraft Complex Arta Rustică in the Clișova Noua village, Orhei district, offers a wide variety of sizes, models and prices.
                    • Wooden souvenirs: kitchen utensils, toys for children
                    • Skin suede overcoat (cojoc), fabric belt, embroidered bag, leather sandals
                    • Osier basket, corn husk broom or souvenir

                    Local products

                    Dacă ești un gurmand sau vrei să bucuri pe cineva drag cu un suvenir gustos din Moldova, atunci lista de mai jos îți va fi de folos. Fiind o țară agricolă, Moldova se laudă cu o gamă de produse de calitate superioară, cultivate local, care pot fi găsite în orice supermarket mare sau la Piața Centrală din Chișinău.


                    You will never go wrong with a bottle of good wine. It could be a bottle of sparkling wine, brandy, red or white wines produced from local grape varieties, such as Rara Neagră, Feteasca Neagră, Feteasca Albă, Feteasca Regală, Viorica.


                    Moldova produces oils from pumpkin seeds, linseed, walnuts, milk thistle, lavender, sage, etc.


                    Take home with you a healthy product, with Moldova’s flavor. May honey, linden honey, polyfloral honey, acacia honey or buckwheat honey – ask the beekeeper to make you taste all types of honey he or she has before you buy the one you prefer the most.


                    In Moldova, we have our own confectionery factory. If you want to impress someone, find a Bucuria Specialty Shop and take with you Bird’s Milk, Evening Chisinau, Sour Cherry in Alcohol, Moldova or Meteorit chocolates. Here you will also find waffles with various flavors and biscuits

                    Candies and biscuits

                    În Moldova avem propria fabrică de bomboane. Dacă vrei să uimești pe cineva, caută un magazin specializat „Bucuria" și ia cu tine lapte de pasăre, Chișinăul de seară, Vișine în alcool, Moldova, Meteorit. Tot în aceste magazine vei găsi gofre cu diverse arome și biscuiți.

                    Dried fruits

                    Plums, apples, pears, cherries, dog rose berries, local berries pastilles - we can dry, make compote or serve in various forms for breakfast all the fruits and berries we grow.

                    Seeds and nuts

                    Sunflower and pumpkin seeds, nuts and almonds are the most popular in Moldova.

                    Before you go home, make sure you take with you some treats from Moldova.



                    str. Dimitrie Cantemir 12 | + 373 22 022 222 |

                    Berds Design Hotel este primul și unicul design hotel din Moldova, amplasat chiar în inima vieții de afaceri și culturale a Chișunăului. Design-ul său modern rămâne fidel minimalismului datorită gustului rafinat al arhitectorului italian Luca Scacchetti. Exteriorul de palat, frumos combinat cu o colecție de lucrări de artă impunătoare te vor induce într-o stare de armonie și calm. Deservirea la cel mai înalt nivel și organizarea fără de cusur a tuturor mecanismelor de funcționare vă vor face să doriți să reveniți aici.

                    BRISTOL HOTEL****

                    str. Alexandr Pușkin 32 | +373 22 902 222 |

                    Amplasat lângă Parcul Central, hotelul Bristol permite liberul acces către principalele destinații turistice ale orașului, precum și către cele mai bune restaurante. Locația reușește să combine frumos camerele de calitate înaltă cu alte facilități, precum sală de sport, trei săli de conferințe și trei restaurante care oferă o varietate mare de experiențe gastonomice.

                    LONDON BOUTIQUE HOTEL****

                    17 Ismail St. | +373 22 110 111 |

                    The idea behind the London Boutique Hotel, which is situated in a restored Bessarabian Mansion, is to give guests the impeccable quality and service they would find in a good London hotel. The rooms are luxurious, tasteful but understated British, from the carpet to the Victorian-style chairs to the richly stained desks. To spoil its guests, the London Boutique fitted each room with a small spa. The hotel conference room, with its dark paneling, floor-to-ceiling mirrors and huge wooden center table, is the most luxurious in Chisinau. The London Boutique is minutes away from many of Chisinau’s political and cultural landmarks.

                    CITY PARK HOTEL****

                    2a Eugen Doga St. | +373 22 249 249 |

                    The City Park Hotel is on a wide, cobblestoned walkway two minutes from Chisinau’s largest green space, Central Park. A bronze statue of a young man waiting impatiently for his girlfriend, who is walking slowly with high-heeled shoes in her hand because of sore feet, will put you in a good mood whether you’re walking to or from the hotel. City Park is a boutique hotel with a pleasant atmosphere and attentive staff. Since it is strategically placed, guests are close to excellent restaurants and coffee shops, theaters, museums, an open-air souvenir and crafts market, and other attractions.

                    RADISSON BLU LEOGRAND HOTEL*****

                    str. Mitropolit Varlaam 77 | +373 22 201 201 |

                    Radisson Blue Leogrand Hotel oferă o gamă largă de servicii și facilități: 3 restaurante, un bar deschis 24 h, un business centru, săli de conferință, full laundry service, parcare subterană, precum și un centru de SPA propriu, un wine-bar, terasă panoramică și un cazinou.

                    REGENCY HOTEL****

                    17 Sfatul Tarii St. | +373 22 999 100

                    The Regency Hotel is known for its central location, simple but luxurious rooms, comfortable beds and great service. Although it was built in 2012, it looks brand-new, and its bathrooms sparkle. The hotel is close to Moldova’s Parliament Building, the Natural History Museum, Stefan cel Mare Park and other landmarks. The friendly staff can quickly line up tours for you of Chisinau and surrounding areas, particularly the alluring wineries.

                    ZENTRUM HOTEL****

                    103 | +373 22 909 000 |

                    The celebrated Russian architect Alexandru Bernardazzi designed the building that now houses the Zentrum Hotel in 1875. When the structure was converted into a hotel, each of its rooms was designed individually. Underscoring the value that the owners attach to art, the rooms are named for renowned artists – from Vincent van Gogh to Vasili Kandinsky and from Arush Votsmush to Mark Verlan. Such landmarks as the Birth of Christ Cathedral, National Assembly Square and Chisinau City Hall are just minutes away by foot.

                    Courtyard by Marriott Chisinau

                    Arborilor 21/A St. | +373 22 203 203 |

                    Hotel Courtyard by Marriott Chisinau is located next to the largest shopping center in Chisinau – Shopping MallDova. Thanks to the perfect location, you will be able to be close to the city center, arriving in just 15 minutes in the Central Park of Chisinau. You will definitely love the friendly staff and you will feel like home in one of the 120 guest rooms. In order to have dinner you can visit the New York restaurant which is located right at the entrance in the hotel.

                    CASA DACĂ BOUTIQUE HOTEL

                    17 Mitropolit Gavriil Banulescu – Bodoni St. | +373 78 336 336 |

                    The Casa Daca is a new boutique hotel that offers guests a blend of traditional and contemporary minimalist styles that complement each other, creating a comfortable mood. The owners were determined to give clients the best that Moldova can offer – hospitality, ambience, superb food and fabulous wine. Two talented young chefs create authentic Moldovan meals for you in the Den restaurant, where candles produce a romantic glow. Casa Daca is named for the Dacians, an ancient people who lived in today’s Moldova and Romania.

                    Gregory Boutique Hotel

                    Gregory Boutique Hotel is situated in the heart of Chisinau, located near architectural monuments, near the museum house of the famous Alexei Sciusev. In two quarters there is one of the most beautiful lakes in the parking area “Valea Morilor”, where with great pleasure you will be able to admire the walk in the fresh air.

                    The hotel offers guests 34 numbers of which 16 are with a balcony, and 6 with panoramic views and extraordinary views of the city.

                    Tourism Information Center

                    The National Moldova Tourist Information Center is located in the center of the capital – Chisinau.

                    The center provides information about locations, events, accommodation, tours, itineraries and offers of tourist companies. Also, those who want to discover Moldova, can access 3D virtual tours showcasing wineries and other tourism attractions.

                    Tourists also have access to the interactive information panel, where they can find information about destinations, and see them at 360 degrees. Tourists benefit from free consultation as well as leaflets, brochures and postcards. Also here are organized various exhibitions, pop up shops, as well as wine tasting events, the promotion of new tourism products on the market.