Getting Around Moldova

Moldova offers several transportation options to get around the country so you can easily explore the regions, top places to visit and Chisinau city. Whether you prefer to travel by public transport, drive yourself or hire a driver, here is all the information you need to organize transportation to easily get around Moldova.

Transportation Around Moldova

It is easy to get to and around Moldova as there are many options for public transportation, as well as the possibility to rent a car to self-drive across the country.


It takes about 25 minutes by taxi to go the 13 kilometers from Chisinau International Airport to the center of Chisinau. The cost is about 80 lei, or $5.

You can also take the 165 bus or trolleybus number 30 for 6 lei (0.30 Euros).


Public Transport in Chisinau

Chisinau’s public transportation network is quite good, covering much of the city and with frequent schedules. Especially during rush hour, it can be the fastest option to get around the city and it is the most sustainable form of transport. This includes trolleybuses, buses and minibuses. A trolleybus, bus or minibus ticket is 6 lei (0.30 Euros). You pay when you get on from the ticket checker.

If you want to find out what public transportation routes are available in your locations it is recommended to check the mobile applications: (iOSAndroid), moovit (iOSAndroid). In addition, Chisinau’s public transportation network and schedule is quite accurate in Google Maps. Here’s a good visual of the vast trolleybus network in Chisinau.

Taking a Taxi in Chisinau

Taxis are another easy and inexpensive way to get around Chisinau. The easiest way as a visitor to get a trusted taxi and know what the fare will be is by using a mobile app like Hip (previously itaxi) on iOS, Android or Yandex Taxi (iOS,Android).

Alternatively you can also call one of the taxi services: 14000, 14111, 14222, 14333, 14999, 14441, 14442, 14447, or 14448.

Driving in Chisinau

If you do decide to drive in Chisinau we recommend using a live navigation and traffic applications waze (iOSAndroid) or (iOSAndroid) as they include the exact locations of streets and house numbers from the capital as well as other cities in Moldova. Google Maps also works quite well in Chisinau and other cities.

Please note that Chisinau does experience a lot of traffic during certain times of the day, especially in the downtown area. Parking can also be limited in many places during the daytime. So, consider using public transport or a taxi to get around Chisinau.


Depending upon your destination and schedule, you can also travel around Moldova using public transportation, either buses, minibuses or trains. Please find the latest schedules for the bus or train you want to take below.


Chisinau has several bus stations and companies serving locations inside Moldova as well as to international destinations. Check the online schedules below to find out which bus station is going to where you want to visit in Moldova or beyond.


Moldova does not have a large domestic railway network, but there are still some places you can travel to by train like Chisinau – Ungheni or Balti in the north.

Chisinau Railway Station: (+373) 22 83-33-33

Renting a Car in Moldova

It is easy to rent a car if you want to drive around Moldova independently. You can find both international rental car brands (e.g., Hertz, Avis, Sixt, Europcar) as well as local Moldovan rental car companies. The most convenient place to rent a car in Moldova would be Chisinau, either at one of the airport rental car stands or at a pick up location downtown.

We drive on the right hand side of the road in Moldova and most traffic rules are similar to those in other European countries.

Private Transport Options in Moldova

Depending upon your transportation needs and schedule, it might be most convenient to hire a private driver to take you around to specific places to visit or destinations in Moldova. A local travel agency would be able to arrange a driver or private transport for you.

Travel to the Transnistrian Region

Foreigners can enter the Transnistrian region by filling out two copies of a short form, which they must give to border police along with their passport. The police stamp one of the entry forms, but not the passport, then return both papers to the visitor. The stamped form must be handed over to border authorities when the visitor leaves the region.

Please check with the current safety situation before traveling to the Transnistrian region.

For those of you who would prefer someone to assist with an itinerary and take care of all the transportation or other logistics, we can recommend one of the following local travel agencies and tour operators. You can also find a local Moldovan guide who can assist with finding a driver or transportation around Moldova.

We look forward to welcoming you soon in Moldova. Please let us know if there is anything we can do to help.