Current Situation in Moldova: Travel Safety and Security

Are you interested in visiting Moldova now? Or perhaps you already had plans to visit and now you’re wondering whether you should still travel to Moldova this summer? You want to know: Is Moldova safe right now?  

Yes, Moldova is safe to visit and you are most welcome to visit us and experience our small country with a big heart for yourself. 

However, we understand that you might have some questions and concerns about the current situation in Moldova given the aggression in Ukraine, other things happening in the region and government warnings. We want to try and answer as many of those questions as possible and provide travelers with updated and transparent information about the situation in Moldova, including any safety and security concerns for travelers, on this page. The last thing we want is for any visitor to Moldova to feel unsafe or uncomfortable in our country. 

We will try to keep this page and information updated as much as we can, but please feel free to send us an email – or reach out to us on Facebook / Instagram – at any time if you have any other questions about safety or traveling to Moldova.

In the last months Moldova has shown the world that our hospitality is not only for travelers, but it’s also for when our neighbors need a helping hand, like the 750,000+ Ukrainians who came to our country in 2022 looking for safety. Our wineries, guest houses and ordinary people immediately opened their homes and hearts to welcome them and provide safe refuge, showing our solidarity with Ukraine and Moldova for Peace in action. You can even choose to stay at these same generous guest houses and wineries to support the businesses who hosted and fed more than 10,000 Ukrainians, mostly women and children, and provided a welcoming smile and care.

If you choose not to visit Moldova right now as you prefer to wait, no worries. We look forward to welcoming you at a later time so you can experience this genuine hospitality for yourself. We hope that this website will help you plan your trip so that you can enjoy our quality wines, delicious cuisine, traditional culture in the countryside, cycling routes, and our dynamic capital city, Chisinau to the fullest. You can also enjoy a virtual tour of many of Moldova’s top attractions, wineries and guest houses on our Moldova in 360.

Is Moldova open now to travelers and tourism?

Yes, Moldova’s borders are open for travelers and its tourism businesses are ready for visitors. Many accommodation providers in rural areas and Chisinau have availability, as do local tour operators and guides, to welcome travelers this summer and autumn. 

The country is operating normally with restaurants, cafes, wineries, shops, hotels, museums and other establishments open for business. Same goes for transport within the country. Our festivals and events are still happening as planned this summer. 

Is Moldova safe now? Is it safe to travel in Moldova given the invasion of Ukraine?

Moldova has not experienced any attacks or violence in the country related to what is happening in Ukraine, our eastern neighbor. The country does have an elevated level of alert to allow the government to respond to any changes, but currently the Moldovan government does not expect an attack on Moldova itself

It’s important to note that neutrality is part of the Republic of Moldova’s constitution, meaning that the government maintains relationships with all parties for peaceful resolution of issues.

Moldova’s president Ms. Maia Sandu stated: “We have a vision for peaceful reintegration of our country, which will guide our efforts to keep the situation stable. We believe, today, there is no immediate threat of Moldova being dragged into the war.”

Is the Chisinau airport open and are flights going to / from Chisinau? Is local / domestic transport operating normally

The Chisinau airport and Moldovan airspace has been re-opened for commercial passenger flights since 21 March, 2022. Most flights to Chisinau, including direct flights from London, Rome, Bucharest, Istanbul and other major cities, have resumed. Wizz Air currently offers 21 different routes to cities throughout Europe. Visitors to Moldova from European, North American, CIS and several other countries do not need a visa to enter the country. Be sure to check the specific visa requirements for your nationality here.

Bus and train transportation with other countries (e.g., Romania) is operating normally, with the exception of the train from Chisinau to Odessa, Ukraine for obvious reasons. However, a new train link from Kyiv to Chisinau started up in November, 2022.

Domestic travel within Moldova is also operating normally with bus routes still on schedule.

What is the situation in Transnistria? Is it safe to travel to Transnistria now?

There were some explosions in early May in the Transnistrian region, the separatist territory to the east of Moldova.  The source of these explosions and disruptions are still unresolved and the Moldovan government is working to maintain peaceful relations.

Therefore, we do not recommend that any travelers visit Transnistria at this time as the Republic of Moldova  cannot ensure safety there given the current elevated level of alert and uncertainty in that territory.

Please see below for the official response from the government of the Republic of Moldova: “Unfortunately, the constitutional authorities temporarily do not exercise effective control over the situation in the eastern districts of the country, due to the non-settlement of the Transnistrian conflict, and for these reasons are unable to ensure public order and security of people moving in this area. As of April 26, the so-called Tiraspol structures have set up a “red alert code”, which involves stepping up detailed control of people, goods, documents and means of transport at illegally installed stations near the administrative line, installation of concrete blocks near the posts, mobile patrols of the exponents of the force structures and additional restrictive measures. Preventive notification regimes are introduced to obtain travel consent, but also lists of persons whose access is prohibited in the region. Based on the sensitive regional context, the self-isolation of the Tiraspol factors during this period, the lack of intervention mechanisms in case of potential incidents from the competent authorities of the Republic of Moldova, we recommend avoiding travel in this region and carrying out planned activities in localities effectively controlled by national authorities.

Is there a refugee crisis still in Moldova? How does the refugee situation impact travel?

Over 750,000 people from Ukraine have crossed the border to Moldova since the beginning of the aggression from 24 February, 2022. The heavy flows of refugees during those first weeks did create a humanitarian crisis given the small population and limited resources of Moldova. However, the situation has changed considerably since those early days, going from a refugee crisis to a managed situation focused on integration and long-term support for the 100,000 Ukrainians who have decided to stay in Moldova.

This means that your travels should not be impacted negatively by the Ukrainian refugee situation in Moldova. 

We are very proud of how Moldovans worked together to host and support our Ukrainian neighbors in need both during the initial crisis and still today. Until recently, around 75% of Ukrainian families were hosted by ordinary Moldovan families who shared their homes, food, and all that they had. Today, there are still thousands of Moldovans volunteering and donating supplies through organizations like Moldova for Peace and effective coordination of support efforts through websites, apps and social media. 

You can learn more about how Moldovan guest houses hosted and welcome Ukrainian guests in the new documentary “A Small Country with a Big Heart.”

What are some ways to support Ukrainian refugees in Moldova?

Thank you for your interest in supporting families from Ukraine who are settling in Moldova for safety. One of the most direct ways is to donate money to local and international organizations who are actively providing food, housing, and other support services. This will allow them to use the funds to quickly address immediate needs.

A good option to easily donate money online to a trusted local organization in Moldova working with Ukrainian refugees is this fundraiser for Moldova for Peace. This local organization of 3,000+ volunteers coordinates and provides food, shelter, transport, training, and other required services for refugees. Follow their work and updates on Facebook and Instagram to see where the needs are and how they are using funds.

In addition, you may consider supporting – through a stay at or visit – the wineries and guest houses that hosted thousands of people during the first weeks of the aggression when tens of thousands of people were crossing into Moldova each day for safety. Many of these tourism businesses are small, family-run rural guest houses who used their limited resources and reserves to host and feed their neighbors in need. Some of these guest houses continue to host a few Ukrainian families and provide support, including providing jobs and other employment opportunities like as a cook or help out with other needed work. 

Therefore, your decision to stay at one of these pensions or guest houses not only supports them financially so they can continue their business, but it also shows solidarity and support for their generosity and commitment to helping and caring during times of crisis and need.