Contacts is an informational website created to provide quality tourism information and promote Moldova as a tourism destination at the national level. If you are a traveler who needs information and recommendations on visiting Moldova, please explore the many pages on this website related to where to go, what to do, and how to plan your trip.

If you are working in tourism and need recommendations, commercial contacts, or practical information about Moldova, please see the list of contacts below. For questions about visiting Moldova and other tourism information, please email us at: or use the form below. Journalists and Media can find information at our Media Centre.

Investment Agency, Government
of the Republic of Moldova


  • Promotion of the Republic of Moldova as a tourist destination
  • Attracting investments in the inbound tourism field
  • International cooperation at country level

National Inbound Tourism Association of Moldova (ANTRIM)


  • Establish B2B connections in tourism between international companies and local specialized agencies
  • Participation of local companies in international exhibits and fairs
  • Organization of exhibits and thematic events in the field of inbound tourism
  • Support in the development of new tourism products
  • Support for travel agencies in the field of internal tourism exploration
  • Consultancy and expertise in tourism
  • Familiarity tours for foreign journalists Thematic training in the field of internal and inbound tourism

Moldova Centre
for Tourist Information


  • Providing consultations and informing foreign tourists about tourist attractions in Moldova.
  • Offering Free Walking Tours on request • Booking trips and visits to tourist attractions, especially wineries
  • Organizing events for the purpose of promoting tourist products (product demonstrations, product presentations, tastings)
  • Hosting events and sectoral meetings in the field of inbound tourism
  • Manufacture and sale of tourist themed souvenirs Editing and distribution of tourist maps and information materials


In case you have general questions that do not pertain to the activities of the organizations mentioned above, please email us at or fill-in the following form.