Cycling Routes in Moldova

Cycling in Moldova is one of the best ways to discover Moldova’s countryside, nature, and rural villages. On each cycling route you’ll not only see some of the most gorgeous natural areas and landscapes in the region, but you will also have an opportunity to meet local people and engage with Moldova’s authentic culture, hospitality, traditional foods and wines. Each bike route is unique, so you are guaranteed to discover and experience something new each day you cycle in Moldova.

After enjoying the fresh air and time to soak in the natural surroundings and views while cycling though the countryside, you’ll have delicious traditional Moldovan food and wine waiting for you at the end of day. That’s Moldovan cycling hospitality for you.

Choosing a Cycling Route in Moldova

Each of the recommended Moldovan cycling routes below has been specifically designed to combine some of the best nature, viewpoints, lakes, forests and rolling hills with rural villages and towns for the opportunity to visit local wineries, artisans, museums, family guest houses, restaurants, historical sites and more. They are of different lengths, segments, difficulties and styles so that there is a cycling route to fit every interest, difficulty level, desired daily distance, location and schedule. This means that you have a lot of flexibility and many options to find a route that fits your interests, schedule and desired difficulty level.

The cycling route segments (30-55km each) that are intended to be completed in one day with accommodation, food and transport services available at the beginning and end of each segment. However, longer route segments also include an option to overnight along the way to break it into two days if you wanted to take your time, reduce the daily distance, and go at a slower pace to enjoy the different stops along the way. Alternatively, if you are a fast cyclist you could also combine a couple of segments into one day.

As each trail is well-marked you can cycle them in either direction, starting and finishing at either trailhead. Choose the starting point and direction that is most convenient for you depending upon your travel plans and itinerary in Moldova.

Moldova on Bikes has also been active marking new trails north of Chisinau that you can find here.

Accommodation, Food and Transport Services Along Cycling Routes

All of the featured Moldovan cycling routes are supported by accommodation, food and public transport services at the trailheads (start/end points), as well as along the route. The details for family guesthouses and wineries that offer rooms, hearty traditional Moldovan food, wine tasting, where to get water, and other services are included in each cycling route guide.

In addition, each cycling route’s start and end points are accessible by public bus so you can easily get to and from the trailheads from Chisinau or a nearby regional town. The availability of all these services for each cycling route segment means you have flexibility to select the best day or multi-day cycling trip that fits your needs, schedule and interests.

Bicycle Rentals in Moldova

Bicycles of different sizes are available to rent at the beginning and end of each route segment at either a guest house, winery or tourism office. These bicycle rental points are indicated in each of the cycling route guides. You will need to return the bicycle to the original rental point. If you would like to do a one-way cycling journey then a local tour operator may be able to help you with coordinating the bicycle tour and arranging returning your rental bicycle to the pickup spot.

You can also request specialized biking services for groups from Velopoint in Chisinau.

What to Take With You Cycling in Moldova

If you plan to do a day trip, then you don’t need to bring much with you — just some water and snacks.  You can also ask at the guest house for a picnic lunch.

If you decide to cycle for one or more days with overnights in local accommodation, we recommend that you leave your luggage at the accommodation at the route starting point (or in Chisinau) and just take a small day pack with you with only the essentials (e.g., water bottle, toothbrush, change of clothes). The accommodation along the route will provide you with a hearty home-cooked meal and everything else you might need for a comfortable sleep.

Moldova Cycling Route Guides

Each recommended Moldova cycling route below is linked to a detailed guide with all the information you need to choose the right bike route for your interests and time, whether for a day trip or a multi-day cycling journey. You’ll find all the details on what you’ll see and experience on each cycling route in terms of landscapes and stops at cultural and historical sites. In addition, each cycling guide provides all of the logistical information you need on accommodation, food, and transport so you can easily plan, organize and make the most of your Moldova cycling trip.

Recommended Cycling Routes in Moldova

Palanca Cycling Tour: Chisinau to Palanca, Moldova (C1 Cycling Route)


Start: Chisinau   |   End: Palanca   | Total km: 226 km

Number of segments: 6   |   Duration: 4-6 days

The Chisinau to Palanca C1 Cycling Route begins in the capital city and takes you southeast through the Codru and Stefan Vodă regions of Moldova. The entire biking route is 226 km, but you can also choose to just cycle specific segments if you don’t have time to do the whole thing. The cycling route is deliberately designed so that you can visit wineries, local museums, churches, and historical sites along the way. In addition, cyclists will be able to enjoy traditional Moldovan cuisine and hospitality at local guesthouses and winery accommodation at the end of each day. This multi-day cycling route follows country roads and paths away from national highways so that you can enjoy a peaceful cycle through some of this region’s best landscapes, nature and villages.

Learn more at the C1 Chisinau to Palanca Cycling Route Guide

Following the Trail of Gagauz Culture: Comrat - Ceadir Lunga (C2 Cycling Route)  


Start: Comrat  |   End: Ceadir Lunga   | Total km: 53 km

Number of segments: 1   |   Duration: 1-2  days

This southern Moldova cycling route from Comrat to Ceadir Lunga is all about immersing yourself in Gagauz history, culture, traditions and cuisine. This 53 km biking route begins in Comrat, the capital of Gagauzia, a semi-autonomous region in Modova. From there you will cycle through the countryside and Gagauzian villages and have a chance to feel the Gagauz vibe and culture – unique with its ethnic Turkish origins. This cycling route includes opportunities to enjoy Gagauzian cuisine and taste traditional dishes, flavors and wine at local wineries, restaurants and guest houses.

You have the option to do this as a long, one-day cycling trip or to break it up into two days by staying the night in a local Gagauzian guest house along the way.

Learn more at the Trail of Gagauz Culture C2 Cycling Route Guide

Discover the Warmth of South Moldova: Gitana to Vulcanesti (C3-C5 Cycling Routes)


Start: Gitana winery  |   End: Vulcanesti   | Total km: 120 km

Number of segments: 3  |   Duration: 3 – 5 days

Discover the Warmth of South Moldova (C3-C5) is a multi-day cycling route through southern Moldova made for adventurers who enjoy going off the beaten path, love beautiful natural landscapes and want to immerse themselves in local culture and food. Along this bike route you will truly discover the southern region of Moldova through meeting its artisans, wineries, local cooks and hosts. Another special feature of this cycling trail is the opportunity to visit the Lower Prut River UNESCO Biosphere and Lake Beleu with its unique biodiversity, including many species of migratory birds. There’s no better way to truly explore south Moldova than with this cycling route.

Learn more at the Discover the Warmth of South Moldova C3-C5 Cycling Routes

Orheiul Vechi Cultural-Natural Reserve Cycling Routes


Orheiul Vechi Cultural-Natural Reserve offers offers six routes for bird watching, hiking and cycling to explore the area’s nature and see some of the more remote historical sites. The routes have different level of difficulty, from 4 to 23 kilometers. Enjoy the picturesque turns of the River Răut and the picturesque limestone river gorge. Add to your experience at Orheiul Vechi by visiting different historical and archeological destinations in the area or enjoy a hearty traditional Moldovan meal and local hospitality at one of rural guesthouses in Orheiul Vechi.

You can rent bicycles at many of the guest houses in Trebujeni, including Vila Roz or Casa din Lunca. You can also request specialized biking services for groups from Velopoint in Chisinau.

Explore the biking routes at Orheiul Vechi: Piatra Poplars Alley (4km), Trebujeni – Furceni Trail (8km), Morova Gorge Trail (15 km).

Cycling Chisinau: Wine Tasting and City Sites


Chisinau, the capital city of Moldova, can surprise you with its diversity of experiences and sites like museums, parks, monuments and theaters. As Moldova is well known for its wine, a truly memorable activity when you visit Chisinau is to explore local wine cellars and go wine tasting.

On this east half-day Chisinau cycling route you will visit a diverse selection of wine cellars where you can sample different types of Moldovan wines and learn about its indigenous grape varieties. As you cycle from one wine cellar to the next in the center of town you’ll have an opportunity to see many of Chisinau’s main sites. A rather perfect way to get to know Moldova’s capital city and its wine.

Learn more at the Chisinau Wine and City Sites Cycling Route Guide