Folklore and Traditions

Moldovan culture is full of folk songs, customs, folk costumes and traditions that are part of our history, and help to define us as a nation. We feel it is our duty to preserve these Moldovan customs and traditions and pass them on from one generation to the next so that this cultural heritage continues to live on in Moldovan.

So where can you find out more about these ancient Moldovan traditions, the folk costume called Ia, the traditional towel or the Moldovan carpet? Where folk artists, craftspeople and artisans from all regions of Moldova meet: at folklore and cultural festivals.

We invite you to regularly check this calendar of cultural festivals and events so that you know when and where these events and festivals about folklore, Moldovan traditions or folk costumes will be organized. Be sure to also check out or general calendar of Moldovan festivals and events that lists the information and details for all types of culinary, wine, cultural, sports or other events in Moldova.