Hiking Trails in Moldova

Hiking in Moldova is a great way to connect with nature and explore the country’s forests, natural landscapes and countryside. Although there are no high mountains to climb in Moldova, the country has no shortage of rolling hills, vineyard trails, lakes, gorges and forests just waiting to be discovered on foot. Hiking in Moldova is not only about enjoying the beautiful natural landscapes, but as many of the trails go through villages or near wineries you will also have an opportunity to meet local people and engage with Moldova’s authentic culture, hospitality, traditional foods and wines

These recommended Moldova hiking trails have been specifically designed to combine some of the best nature and viewpoints with rural villages and towns for the opportunity to visit local wineries, historical sites, family guest houses and restaurants. After spending a day hiking in Moldova taking in the fresh air and natural surroundings, we recommend you enjoy a delicious traditional Moldovan meal and wine. That’s Moldovan hiking hospitality for you. 

Choosing a Hiking Trail in Moldova

The recommended hiking trails listed below are of different lengths, difficulties and styles so that there is a hike in Moldova to fit every type of hiker and interest. These hikes have been marked and specially designed to have flexible starting and ending points, as well as the option sometimes to just do one segment instead of the whole trail.

The hiking trail descriptions below will give you an idea of the type of landscapes, nature, and other cultural, food or wine experiences you might have along the way.

Best Time to Hike in Moldova

Moldova’s location and climate in southeastern Europe makes it pleasant to hike for most of the year. Summer is the most popular time to hike in Moldova as the days are long and warm with lots of sunshine. However, hiking in Moldova during the springtime from late April – early June is especially nice for seeing wildflowers and for cooler temperatures. Autumn (September – October) is another ideal time to hike in Moldova to view the changing colors of the leaves in the forests and in the vineyards.

If you want a winter adventure then we welcome you to enjoy our hiking trails with a layer of snow and in the crisp cold.

Accommodation, Food and Transport Services Along Hiking Trails

The featured Moldovan hiking trails on this page have food options on the trail or near the trailhead. Most have accommodation available nearby so you can spend the night before or after your hike. Many trails also have public transport services at the trailheads (start/end points), but some may require private transportation or a transfer.

Details regarding transportation as well as local guest houses, campsites and wineries that offer accommodation and hearty traditional Moldovan food are included in each hiking guide.

Finding a Hiking Guide in Moldova

The hiking trails below have been fully marked with signs and we also offer digital tracks so that you don’t get lost. However, if you would prefer to go hiking in Moldova with a guide we recommend you contact a local tour operator or find a local guide specializing in hiking and outdoor activities.

What to Take With You Hiking in Moldova

If you plan to do a day hike we recommend you carry a small daypack with enough water and snacks for the day. Not all hiking trails have places to buy food and water along the way. Sunscreen is important too, especially in the summer months.

If you plan to do a multi-day hike, we recommend that you leave your luggage at the accommodation at the route starting point (or in Chisinau) and just take a small backpack with you with only the essentials (e.g., water bottle, toothbrush, change of clothes). The accommodation along the route will provide you with a hearty home-cooked meal and everything else you might need for a comfortable sleep.

Recommended Hiking Trails in Moldova

Each recommended Moldova hiking trail below is linked to a detailed hiking guide with all the information you need to choose the right hike based on your interest and time. In addition to all the details on what you’ll see and experience on each hiking trail in terms of landscapes and stops at cultural and historical sites, you’ll also find all of the logistical information you need to easily plan your hike in Moldova.

Recommended Hiking Trails in Moldova

Central Moldova Hiking Trail: Nisporeni to Balanesti Hill (Highest Point in Moldova)


These hiking trails in central Moldova near Nisporeni are for those who love to connect with nature by hiking through the forest and admiring the rolling hills covered with colorful vineyards and farmlands. The red, green and yellow hiking trails total over 40 km, but they can be divided into day trips or multi-day trips depending upon your time and energy. They are fully marked and can be walked in either direction, from Milesti village near Balanesti Hill or Nisporeni. Some of the highlights of this hiking trail include exploring Codri Natural Reserve and its forest paths, hiking along ridges filled with beautiful overlooks and climbing to the highest point in Moldova, Balanesti Hill. The hiking trail goes along country roads and through villages to meet local people and get a glimpse of life and culture in the Moldovan countryside.

Learn more at the Central Moldova Hiking Trail Guide


Hiking Trails Around Small Wineries Crama Tudor and Crama Mircesti


With these hiking trails around the small wineries of Crama Tudor and Crama Mircesti in northern and central Moldova you can combine your interests in hiking and wine together. Each of these short hiking trails of 3-6 km take you through nearby forests and to the tops of hills to enjoy a view of the vineyards and landscapes below. After taking in this nature, relax after your hike with a glass of wine and traditional Moldovan food at the winery.

Learn more at the Hiking Trails Around Small Wineries Guide


Hiking Trails at Orheiul Vechi Cultural-Natural Reserve


Orheiul Vechi Cultural-Natural Reserve offers eight routes for bird watching, hiking and cycling to explore the area’s natural landscapes and unique biodiversity. Some of these hiking trails also take you to see different historical sites and parts of the Old Orhei archeological complex. The hiking trails have different lengths and levels of difficulty so you can choose the one that best fits your interests and amount of time. You’ll have a chance to get up close to some of the cave structures carved into the limestone river gorge and enjoy the turns of the River Răut. At the end of your hike, spend the night and enjoy a hearty traditional Moldovan meal at one of rural guesthouses in Orheiul Vechi.

Explore some of the hiking trails at Orheiul Vechi: Piatra Poplars Alley Trail (4km), Trebujeni – Furceni Trail (8km), Morova Gorge Trail (15 km).