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Hiking trails around artisan wineries

  • Number of routes: 2
  • Difficulty level: easy / medium

Moldova is among the first countries in the world with the largest historical wine heritage. If you are a fan of hiking and tasting good wine, don’t hesitate to try the new hiking trails around the small wineries in the Center and North area.

Tourist attractions of the route

Route: Hiking trail at Crama Tudor

  • Length: 6 km
  • Travel time: 1 h
  • Difficulty level: medium
  • Bicycle rental: yes
  • Starting point: Crama Tudor, Sadova village
  • Ending point: Crama Tudor, Sadova village
  • ASL: 128 - 273

Route description:

Crama Tudor from Sadova, is the result of the hard work of the winemaker Tudor Aghenie. The passion to produce wine inherited from generations has been combined with that of promoting rural tourism. To make the tourists’ experience memorable, ANTRIM started the process of ​​marking a hiking trail that connects the rustic atmosphere of the Winery with that of nature and vineyards at the edge of the forest.

On this route, tourists can enjoy rustic views, discover local gastronomy and enjoy quality wines from Crama Tudor on the edge of Codri.

Route: Hiking trail at Crama Mircesti

  • Length: 3 km
  • Travel time: 1 h
  • Difficulty level: medium
  • Bicycle rental: yes
  • Starting point: Crama Mircești
  • Ending point: Crama Mircești
  • ASL: 300 - 370

Route description:

Mircești Winery is located in the village with the same name in Ungheni district. Although it has only been around for a few years, the winery has become an emblem of small wineries in Moldova, thanks to the modern approach to wine production. This region, especially the village of Mircești, has a historical importance and has a great terroir for wines with a strong character. Therefore, Arcadie Foșnea, the owner of the winery, laid the foundations of a winery and began the renovation of the neighboring mansion, keeping its specific architectural features.

Recently, Mircești Winery was equipped with a meteorological data generation station, and the employees apply modern strategies for cutting vines and detect diseases, using drones. Mircești Winery is also the host of experiments and wine demonstrations within the project “The best grapes”, which aims to identify optimal practices for growing grapes in the national context.

The hiking route comes to diversify the tourist activities at the winery and offer visitors the opportunity to discover the surroundings, which include a visit to one of the largest meteorological stations in the country, but also a Monastery and the former Soviet radar in the form of a dome, which creates a special atmosphere. In the same way, walking along this route, special views are opened towards the districts of Calarasi and Ungheni, as well as Nisporeni. The highest point in Moldova can also be seen from the meteorological station. On the way back to the Mircesti Winery, visitors can pass through the vineyards of the winery and enjoy views like in Tuscany.