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Southern Moldova Cycling Routes (C2-C5): Discover the Warmth of the South

  • Starting point: Comrat
  • Ending point: Ceadîr - Lunga
  • Distance: 173 km
  • Number of routes: 4
  • Difficulty level: easy / medium
  • Hiking time: 25 hours

Cycling is certainly one of the best ways to discover Moldova’s countryside, meet local people and engage with its authentic culture and hospitality, visit the most gorgeous spots, enjoy the fresh outside air and take all the time to soak in the surroundings.

These cycling routes through southern Moldova are made for adventurers who are not afraid of going off the beaten path, love beautiful natural landscapes and want to immerse themselves in local culture and food. Along this bike route you will truly meet the southern region of Moldova. And believe us, it is very different from other regions. Different in terms of landscapes, dialect and culture. Even the wine here is different, as you’ll have the opportunity to taste and discover.

With a total distance of 173 kilometers, these four new well-marked cycling routes connect dozens of historical sites, unique natural landscapes, authentic traditions and gastronomic culture of southern Moldova. Each of the four routes offers representative landscapes for this region: small islands of forests, meadows and pastures, vast plains and arid steppes specific to southern Moldova. All routes will draw in visitors to return again and again to the warmest region of the country.

You can find a map, details about bike rentals and basic information about all four southern Moldova cycling routes C2 to C5 below. The cycling route is well marked in both directions so each of the routes can be done in either direction. There is also a comprehensive guide for the C1 cycling route from Chisinau to Palanca.

In order to learn more details about a particular cycling route, click through for a comprehensive guide for that specific cycling route that includes information on all route attractions and logistics regarding accommodation, food and transportation. Note: C2 is a standalone cycling route while C3 to C5 are connected and can be done as a multi-day cycling journey.

Bicycle Rentals for Southern Moldova Cycling Routes
Bicycles are available to rent at the beginning and end of each route segment so you don’t need to worry about bringing your own bike with you. The rental bikes are a basic road bike that are suitable for the type of trails. You will need to return the bicycle to the starting point or else work with a local tour company for a return fee. Details on the bike rental pick up are included in each route description.

Tourist attractions of the route


Route: Cycling Route C2: Comrat - Ceadir Lunga

  • Length: 53 km
  • Travel time: 7 h
  • Difficulty level: medie
  • Bicycle rental: yes
  • Starting point: Fabrica de vinuri Comrat
  • Ending point: Carir brânzeturi craft
  • ASL: 192 m

Route description:

This southern Moldova cycling route from Comrat to Ceadir Lunga is all about immersing yourself in Gagauz history, culture, traditions and cuisine. Starting in Comrat, the capital of Gagauzia, a semi-autonomous region, and cycling through the countryside  and Gagauzian villages, you will feel the Gagauz vibe – unique with its ethnic Turkish origins –  and taste its traditional dishes, flavors and wine.

Route: Cycling Route C3: Gitana Winery – Pascani

  • Length: 53 km
  • Travel time: 7 h
  • Difficulty level: medie
  • Bicycle rental: yes
  • Starting point: Vinăria Gitana
  • Ending point: Pensiunea Casa Bunicului
  • ASL: 100 m

Route description:

This cycling route from Gitana Winery in Plopi to Pascani village (53 km, 1-2 days) is designed in such a way that you can experience the history of the region (Cahul Museum), taste local southern Moldovan cuisine and wine (Gitana Winery, Green Village and Casa Bunicului) and enjoy the adventure of cycling on country roads and hills. As you pass through villages and stop at some of the sites and experiences recommended in this cycling route you’ll have a chance to meet local people who are passionate about sharing their culture, history and stories with visitors, who are seen by locals as welcomed guests.

Route: Cycling Route C4: Pascani to Slobozia Mare

  • Length: 37 km
  • Travel time: 6 h
  • Difficulty level: ușoară
  • Bicycle rental: yes
  • Starting point: Pensiunea Casa Bunicului
  • Ending point: Vinăria din Vale
  • ASL: 100 m

Route description:

This cycling route from Casa Bunicului in Pascani to Vineria in Vale in Slobozia Mare in southern Moldova will surprise you not only with the richness of the local traditions you’ll encounter – local crafts, cuisine and wine – but also with the natural beauty of this region, especially its lakes and Golden Hills. You will have the opportunity to visit – and even take a boat out on – two different  lakes with a rich fauna and flora, including the unique UNESCO-protected Lower Prut Biosphere Reserve. On this bike route you will have an opportunity to meet local artisans, learn about their craft and see their workshops and studios.

Route: Cycling Route C5: Slobozia Mare to Vulcanesti

  • Length: 30 km
  • Travel time: 5 h
  • Difficulty level: medie
  • Bicycle rental: yes
  • Starting point: Vinăria din Vale
  • Ending point: Vinăria Kara Gani
  • ASL: 139 m

Route description:

This cycling route from Slobozia Mare to Vulcanesti is about unexplored natural landscapes where you will cycle along hills covered with vineyards and orchards. The route is relatively easy as it is quite short (30 km), so you can take your time to take in the surrounding nature, villages and country life. You can also choose to start your day by exploring Lake Beleu and the UNESCO-protected Lower Prut Biosphere Reserve. At the end of the cycling route you will have the chance to meet Gagauz people, traditions and cuisine at Kara Gani Winery in Vulcanesti.