Sympho LOVE

symphonic concert

  • 14 February

  • Palatul Național „Nicolae Sulac”

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Elite event – symphonic concert at its 4th edition, combining the symphony orchestra with pop/rock and opera soloists, bringing the best love songs of all times. With each edition, “Sympho Love” continues to impress the audience with the perfection of the performance and the quality of the sound offered by the symphony orchestra. The pop-rock soloists bring a contemporary note and deep emotion, harmoniously combining musical genres. From classic opera arias to romantic ballads and passionate rock pieces, bringing together the most diverse musical influences to create a completely unique experience. “Sympho Love” is much more than a simple concert, it is a musical journey that captivates and moves the audience. Each edition is an opportunity to live the feelings and passion of music in a perfect setting, where the talent and passion of the artists come together to create an unforgettable experience.

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