Festivalul Lupilor

Music Festival

  • 09 August - 11 August

  • Trebujeni

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The story of the wolves begins since this ancient land, with mountains that reach the skies and peaks that touch the clouds, steep valleys, vast fields, green forests, and clean rivers. And it will never end, as long as it is told in the ballads and songs of our ancestral tradition, which we pass on from generation to generation. The story of the wolves is closely connected to the legends of the Dacians. The legends attributed to the Dacians may not be very complex or grandiose, but the way they have spread, the intrigue they hold, and the teachings they offer make them the most interesting legends in the world.

At the Lupii (Wolves) Festival, the audience is invited to rediscover the culture through an artistic journey of the old and the new. To wander through the pastures of our ancestors’ legends and taste the melodies carried through time.

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