Summer Fest

Summer Fest is a festival that gathers not only guests from all over Moldova but also from other countries, providing moments of maximum entertainment, sun, and intense emotions! In 2024, we will have fun at the seventh edition of the festival with our loved ones in the Botanical Garden. Each edition of Summer Fest strives to surpass the previous one. The organizing team, along with partners, develops the festival concept to provide the best for each guest, taking into account the experience of previous years and global trends in the entertainment event industry.

International Museum Day

In 1977, the International Council of Museums (ICOM) established May 18th as the International Museum Day with the aim of recognizing the role of these cultural institutions in the development of society. This day aims to contribute to promoting the idea that museums are an important means of cultural exchange, enriching cultures, and fostering mutual understanding, cooperation, and peace among peoples.

Every year on May 18th, history, science, and art are celebrated worldwide through special programs.

Street Food Chișinău

“Street Food Chișinău” is the urban culinary event that marks the end of the season in a special way. Here, gastronomy perfectly blends with art, emphasizing the diversity of culinary offerings and promoting young local artists. Within this festival, you will discover a diverse range of culinary delights prepared with passion and creativity by street chefs. You will experience authentic and unique flavors, traveling through the universe of tastes and aromas.
“Street Food Chișinău” is also a platform dedicated to young local artists, where they can express their creativity in front of a large audience. Music, street art, and many artistic surprises will delight and captivate you during the festival. Through this initiative, “Street Food Chișinău” serves as a meeting place for lovers of good food, art, and culture, offering a unique and authentic urban experience.

Beer Mania

“Beer Mania” is the first and only beer festival in Moldova dedicated to local craft beer producers. Experience hundreds of unique flavors and intense tastes, created with exclusive recipes and the finest raw materials. Alongside delicious dishes and quality music, “Beer Mania” is a leader in beer festivals, offering a unique experience for beer lovers.
“Beer Mania” is about discovering a universe of flavors and tastes that you can enjoy with delicious food and quality music. It is an opportunity to connect with the craft beer community in Moldova and enjoy a friendly and enthusiastic environment.


We are preparing to delight you with two days of good music, featuring pop and alternative styles with vibrant colors and unforgettable memories for the coming year. We are gathering 10 top artists and bands from our country and abroad to provide you with an exceptional musical experience. The festival takes place in an idyllic clearing in the Botanical Garden, where you can relax on a blanket and enjoy the captivating sounds of music, as well as local vendors offering culinary delights and refreshing drinks, along with entertainment for children. This event is an oasis of fun for the whole family.

BBQ Festival

We are preparing to bring you the first event of the year that officially opens the “BBQ” season in our country. Surrounded by lush nature and a relaxed atmosphere, we invite you to join us in the heart of the park to indulge your senses with the most flavorful meat snacks and refreshing beverages. It is a unique opportunity to enjoy the aromas and tastes of “BBQ,” expertly prepared by the most talented chefs.


An event celebrating the art of wine consumption and the gastronomic art dedicated to wine. The festival will showcase the most emblematic wine locations in Moldova. It is in its first edition and aims to combine the best of the iTicket brand’s events – “Street Food & Wine” and ““A night in the park””. At the first edition of this exceptional event, you will have the opportunity to explore and taste the highest quality wines from the heart of Moldovan vineyards. With a carefully curated selection of award-winning wines and chosen gastronomic delights, an unforgettable culinary experience awaits you. Additionally, the festival highlights a special musical atmosphere, with quality symphonic performances to accompany your enjoyment of selected wines and exceptional cuisine. This event will become a highlight in the promotion of wine tourism in Moldova.

Sympho LOVE

Elite event – symphonic concert at its 4th edition, combining the symphony orchestra with pop/rock and opera soloists, bringing the best love songs of all times. With each edition, “Sympho Love” continues to impress the audience with the perfection of the performance and the quality of the sound offered by the symphony orchestra. The pop-rock soloists bring a contemporary note and deep emotion, harmoniously combining musical genres. From classic opera arias to romantic ballads and passionate rock pieces, bringing together the most diverse musical influences to create a completely unique experience. “Sympho Love” is much more than a simple concert, it is a musical journey that captivates and moves the audience. Each edition is an opportunity to live the feelings and passion of music in a perfect setting, where the talent and passion of the artists come together to create an unforgettable experience.

Sărut femeie mâna ta

This is a unique and exciting musical event, dedicated entirely to women. This special concert brings together a popular and versatile band, ready to conquer the hearts of the audience with captivating sounds, and well-known and extremely attractive male soloists, who perfectly complement the charming atmosphere. With their lovely melodies and passionate performances, the soloists dedicate themselves entirely to the women in the audience. Whether it’s romantic ballads or hit songs, “Sărut femeie mâna ta” provides a perfect setting to celebrate and honor femininity.