Sympho LOVE

Elite event – symphonic concert at its 4th edition, combining the symphony orchestra with pop/rock and opera soloists, bringing the best love songs of all times. With each edition, “Sympho Love” continues to impress the audience with the perfection of the performance and the quality of the sound offered by the symphony orchestra. The pop-rock soloists bring a contemporary note and deep emotion, harmoniously combining musical genres. From classic opera arias to romantic ballads and passionate rock pieces, bringing together the most diverse musical influences to create a completely unique experience. “Sympho Love” is much more than a simple concert, it is a musical journey that captivates and moves the audience. Each edition is an opportunity to live the feelings and passion of music in a perfect setting, where the talent and passion of the artists come together to create an unforgettable experience.

Sărut femeie mâna ta

This is a unique and exciting musical event, dedicated entirely to women. This special concert brings together a popular and versatile band, ready to conquer the hearts of the audience with captivating sounds, and well-known and extremely attractive male soloists, who perfectly complement the charming atmosphere. With their lovely melodies and passionate performances, the soloists dedicate themselves entirely to the women in the audience. Whether it’s romantic ballads or hit songs, “Sărut femeie mâna ta” provides a perfect setting to celebrate and honor femininity.

Wine Picnic

During the festival the best wine samples will be presented, the winemakers will focus on new wines and light wines, just right for summer drinking.
It will be the first wine festival held in Moldova in a picnic format. WINE PICNIC 2024 aims to create a stylish festive atmosphere for people passionate about wine culture.
Wine, open spaces, an extraordinary landșaft, the first days of summer, contemporary music of European capitals, classic and authentic snacks from different traditional cuisines from Lisbon to Amsterdam.

Pluncuvin Wine Boutique

Plincuvin Wine Boutique is one part friendly neighborhood wine bar where you’ll quickly make new friends and another part wine boutique where you can buy bottles of your favorite Moldovan wines. They feature small, independent winemakers as well as bigger wineries. If you don’t know which type of Moldovan wine to try, be sure to ask for suggestions as several of the staff are also sommeliers and love sharing their knowledge about Moldovan wine and native grape varietals.

Nistru SUP Challenge

Annually, on the last Sunday of May, the Day of the Dniester River is celebrated to highlight the importance of the Dniester River as the main waterway of the Republic of Moldova. Therefore, this event will be marked by drawing attention to environmental issues through preserving the natural richness of one of Moldova’s most important waterways, as well as by organizing the Nistru SUP Challenge competition for amateur sup surfers, organized by SUP Moldova.

European Night of Museums

Events celebrating museums and museum heritage will be organized in 22 districts of the Republic of Moldova. Local museums will organize creative workshops, open lessons on the subject of preservation, development, and promotion of cultural heritage, theatrical performances, song and poetry recitals, painting exhibitions, and contests to emphasize the importance of museum and cultural institutions in the life of a community. Entry to museums will be free for all categories of visitors!

Gregory Boutique Hotel

Gregory Boutique Hotel is situated in the heart of Chisinau, located near architectural monuments, near the museum house of the famous Alexei Sciusev. In two quarters there is one of the most beautiful lakes in the parking area “Valea Morilor”, where with great pleasure you will be able to admire the walk in the fresh air.

The hotel offers guests 34 numbers of which 16 are with a balcony, and 6 with panoramic views and extraordinary views of the city.

SV Hotel & Resort

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