Street Food Chișinău

urban culinary event

  • 27 September - 29 September

  • Teatrul Național de Operă şi Balet „Maria Bieșu”

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“Street Food Chișinău” is the urban culinary event that marks the end of the season in a special way. Here, gastronomy perfectly blends with art, emphasizing the diversity of culinary offerings and promoting young local artists. Within this festival, you will discover a diverse range of culinary delights prepared with passion and creativity by street chefs. You will experience authentic and unique flavors, traveling through the universe of tastes and aromas.
“Street Food Chișinău” is also a platform dedicated to young local artists, where they can express their creativity in front of a large audience. Music, street art, and many artistic surprises will delight and captivate you during the festival. Through this initiative, “Street Food Chișinău” serves as a meeting place for lovers of good food, art, and culture, offering a unique and authentic urban experience.

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