A night in the park

classical music festival

  • 06 July

  • Valea Morilor Park


With “A night in the park” iTicket began its journey into the world of symphony. This extraordinary concert is elite, tasteful, and refined. The symphony orchestra, choir, and high-quality soloists are meant to take us into a magical world, on a summer evening under the sunset within the largest open-air theater (by seating capacity) in Europe. Every year, this show brings us into an enchanted world, where music becomes a story, through the baton of the symphony orchestra conductor, the choir, and the high-quality soloists. Here, melodic sounds merge with nature, and the audience is invited to be carried away by the emotion and beauty of symphonic music. “A night in the park” offers a unique opportunity to experience musical art in a setting that evokes the classical times of elegance. It is an unforgettable auditory journey, an oasis of refinement, and an occasion to be captivated by the power and beauty of symphonic music.

Event location