Summer Fest

Summer Fest is a festival that gathers not only guests from all over Moldova but also from other countries, providing moments of maximum entertainment, sun, and intense emotions! In 2024, we will have fun at the seventh edition of the festival with our loved ones in the Botanical Garden. Each edition of Summer Fest strives to surpass the previous one. The organizing team, along with partners, develops the festival concept to provide the best for each guest, taking into account the experience of previous years and global trends in the entertainment event industry.

Cucoanele Fiesta

“Cucoanele Fiesta” is an event where we celebrate women, diversity, and social inclusivity. The image of “Cucoanele” in 2023 was inspired by the life and work of artist Frida Kahlo. This often refers to the fact that true beauty is linked to personal development, proactivity, and self-confidence, with each person’s achievements being the criteria rather than externally imposed beauty standards. At “Cucoanele Fiesta” 2024, you will enjoy an evening filled with music, unlimited Cucoanele wine from Castel Mimi, and selected snacks, all in a thematic style and inspired atmosphere.

Sânzienele Night

Sânzienele are fabulous beings originating from Daco-Roman mythology, still found today in Moldovan folklore, often described as having an alluring, almost hypnotic beauty. The event is dedicated to celebrating Sânzienele wine from Castel Mimi.

Love Run Fest

Enjoy a unique experience at the Love RunFest running marathon in the legendary underground galleries of Cricova! We welcome all those in love or looking for the love of their life to run through the legendary cellars in a charming and romantic event. With your chosen “participant numbers” you will announce to the whole world your romantic status: whether you are in a relationship, searching or “It’s Complicated”.

For the more adventurous, we offer a unique chance to register your marriage on the spot, receiving a special reason to celebrate Dragobete in a very special way. Don’t miss this opportunity to enjoy love, sport and fun in a fairytale setting.

New Year’s Eve at Vartely

New Year’s Eve is the event we wish to spend with our dearest guests. Therefore, we extend an early invitation to celebrate the transition to a new year in an atmosphere of joy and elegance.
The New Year’s Eve Dinner, carefully crafted by our talented chefs, will be an extraordinary culinary feast. From exotic dishes to traditional delights and refined desserts, each dish will be an explosion of flavors and tastes meant to provide a memorable culinary experience.
A captivating artistic program and live music will ensure an atmosphere full of life and positive energy. We look forward to having you with us to celebrate the passage into a new year full of beautiful opportunities and achievements together!
Details and reservations at the phone number: 079033206

Christmas Eve Dinner

The Christmas Eve Dinner at Chateau Vartely brings together tradition, gastronomy, and the magic of the holidays in an exceptional way. Arriving at Chateau Vartely on this festive evening, you will be greeted by an atmosphere rich in tradition and elegance. Bright lights adorned Christmas trees, and the musical chords of carols will create a fairytale ambiance, while the aroma of delicious Christmas dishes will delight your taste buds. We are dedicated to providing you with a memorable evening where every detail contributes to creating a truly unforgettable moment. Details and reservations at the phone number: 079033206

AU Gust Festival

The 6th edition of the Au Gust Festival focuses on our fruits. Methodologically, ‘Fruits’ is a harvesting process. In a broader sense, fruit reflects human development and the importance of harvesting the benefits of our actions in society.

“Harvesting” is like a choreography of nature, in which different actions repeat in a continuous cycle. Choosing the right time to harvest is essential. If we harvest too early, the fruit will be green; if we wait too long, it will be spoilt. In addition to the harvesting aspect, the concept of “Harvesting” implies harmonious collaboration, sharing and concern for all members of the community. In this issue we open a discussion about the harvesting process in society, caught between tradition and evolution. We will build new models of sustainability and collective sharing practices.


”Moldo Crescendo” Classical Music Festival

At Tarabostes Home

Marathon “Home at Taraboste” Are you ready for a combination of energy, health, and fun? Then, welcome to the event that combines two extraordinary passions: the pleasure of running and the joy of savoring wines at Chateau Vartely! The Marathon “Home at Taraboste” and National Wine Day at Chateau Vartely come together in an epic experience that blends sports, nature, and the refinement of taste. The morning starts with the enthusiasm of runners gathering to participate in the “Home at Taraboste” Marathon, a picturesque race through the spectacular landscapes of Moldova. Starting from Chateau Vartely, runners will explore scenic routes, creating an atmosphere of joy and healthy competition. And because the day doesn’t end there, the “Home at Taraboste” Marathon transforms into a wine celebration at Chateau Vartely on National Wine Day. Participants and visitors are invited to discover the richness of local wines, participate in expert-led tastings, and relax in the welcoming atmosphere of the winery. So, join us and celebrate health, nature, and Moldovan traditions at this exceptional event! Details and reservations at the phone number: 079033206