At Tarabostes Home

Marathon “Home at Taraboste” Are you ready for a combination of energy, health, and fun? Then, welcome to the event that combines two extraordinary passions: the pleasure of running and the joy of savoring wines at Chateau Vartely! The Marathon “Home at Taraboste” and National Wine Day at Chateau Vartely come together in an epic experience that blends sports, nature, and the refinement of taste. The morning starts with the enthusiasm of runners gathering to participate in the “Home at Taraboste” Marathon, a picturesque race through the spectacular landscapes of Moldova. Starting from Chateau Vartely, runners will explore scenic routes, creating an atmosphere of joy and healthy competition. And because the day doesn’t end there, the “Home at Taraboste” Marathon transforms into a wine celebration at Chateau Vartely on National Wine Day. Participants and visitors are invited to discover the richness of local wines, participate in expert-led tastings, and relax in the welcoming atmosphere of the winery. So, join us and celebrate health, nature, and Moldovan traditions at this exceptional event! Details and reservations at the phone number: 079033206

The Potters Fair

Pottery is an ancient traditional art in Romania and Moldova that has been practiced for centuries. Skilled potters mold clay with expertise and passion, transforming it into beautiful and functional objects. In different regions of both countries, there are pottery workshops and centers that preserve and promote this ancient craft. Romanian and Moldovan pottery stand out for their rich and varied decorations, including geometric, floral, or nature-inspired motifs. Through pottery, traditions and local stories are transmitted, and each pottery item is an expression of the potter’s creativity and craftsmanship.

The Festival of Folklore Music ”Acasă”

The Folk Music Festival “Acasă” represents a fascinating journey into the heart of our traditions, a voyage to our cultural origins. This remarkable event showcases the richness and authenticity of traditional Romanian music, celebrating the cultural heritage that unmistakably binds us to our roots. With pride, we can consider ourselves part of the most important traditional music show in the entire Romanian space. The Folk Music Festival “Acasă” brings together nationally and internationally renowned artists who bring to life authentic sounds, conveying emotion and authenticity in every note.

Festivalul Lupilor

The story of the wolves begins since this ancient land, with mountains that reach the skies and peaks that touch the clouds, steep valleys, vast fields, green forests, and clean rivers. And it will never end, as long as it is told in the ballads and songs of our ancestral tradition, which we pass on from generation to generation. The story of the wolves is closely connected to the legends of the Dacians. The legends attributed to the Dacians may not be very complex or grandiose, but the way they have spread, the intrigue they hold, and the teachings they offer make them the most interesting legends in the world.

At the Lupii (Wolves) Festival, the audience is invited to rediscover the culture through an artistic journey of the old and the new. To wander through the pastures of our ancestors’ legends and taste the melodies carried through time.

A night in the park

With “A night in the park” iTicket began its journey into the world of symphony. This extraordinary concert is elite, tasteful, and refined. The symphony orchestra, choir, and high-quality soloists are meant to take us into a magical world, on a summer evening under the sunset within the largest open-air theater (by seating capacity) in Europe. Every year, this show brings us into an enchanted world, where music becomes a story, through the baton of the symphony orchestra conductor, the choir, and the high-quality soloists. Here, melodic sounds merge with nature, and the audience is invited to be carried away by the emotion and beauty of symphonic music. “A night in the park” offers a unique opportunity to experience musical art in a setting that evokes the classical times of elegance. It is an unforgettable auditory journey, an oasis of refinement, and an occasion to be captivated by the power and beauty of symphonic music.

Te Salut, Chișinău!

The festival  is dedicated to every Chisinau citizen and every guest of the capital.

Wine With a Hat

Wine tasting & relaxing atmosphere.

Sunset Party

The organisers guarantee a relaxed atmosphere with good wine and music, delicious food, lots of outdoor activities for the whole family and lots of fun.

International Museums Day

Cultural event organized in all the museums of the country.