Nistru Fest

Music & Gastronomy Festival

  • 05 August

  • Zăluceni


Imagine this: the enticing aroma of wines from Moldova’s finest winemakers and culinary masterpieces from outstanding restaurateurs blending into one beautiful day, surrounded by songs and laughter. This all happens over two days: August 5th from 2pm to 10pm and August 6th from 12pm to 6pm in Zăluceni, Florești District. Welcome to Nistru Fest!

Nistru Fest is not just an event, it’s a celebration of soul, taste, and music. And you can experience all of this for just 300 lei if you purchase the ticket in advance. If you decide at the last minute, the ticket will cost 350 lei on the day of the festival. But this price is nothing compared to the richness of impressions waiting for you.

Under the caressing sun, Famber Winery, Somma Winery, Vinuri de Comrat, and Sapte Vinuri showcase their best varieties, accented by the elegant note of local vineyards. Don’t miss Sapte Vinuri wine, known for its deep, multifaceted taste, and the refined, elegant wines from Vinuri de Comrat.

And what can be better than delicious wine, if not delicious food? Our food court partners Casa Rinaldi, Forward, Hir Top, Provence, and Istorii cu Cascaval serve up gastronomic treasures. Try the wonderful cheeses from Istorii cu Cascaval, appetizing dishes from Casa Rinaldi, and unforgettable desserts from Provence.

However, Nistru Fest is not only about gastronomy and wines, but also about vibrant musical performances. Surrender to the music with Zdob si Zdub, Cuibul, Vali Boghean Band, Pasha Parfeni, and Space Cabel. Their melodies will fill the air with energy and serve as a wonderful complement to the rich tastes and aromas.

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