Popas Regal

“Popas Regal” is a tourist agro-pension located on the edge of the village of Cobani, in the Glodeni District, surrounded by special natural views. The “Popas Regal” agro-pension is the perfect place for young people, families with children who want an active holiday, surrounded by nature. It is a suitable location for hikers, climbers and cyclists, who have the opportunity to go 1.5 km away to the “Suta de Movile” Reserve, 2.5 km – to “Cheile Butești”, 13 km – to Costești-Stânca dam, 23 km – at the Pădurea Domnească Reserve. After a hike, you have the opportunity to relax at the swimming pool or sauna, and children can play at the playground set up on the territory of the agro-pension.


Butoias is a family business, located in a quiet area, in Glodeni city, near to Central Park. This guesthouse wins the hearts of its guests with its authentic charm and dedication to Moldovan traditions. Its interior decorated with ancestral items, rustic furniture, traditional carpets, fabrics and local handicrafts, return you to the past and reminds you of the simple and authentic beauty of country life. The guesthouse is suitable for those who prefer an active vacation, like cyclists and hikers looking to relax at the pool or sauna, after the hiking or cycling trips at the Nature Reserve ”Toltrele Prutului” and ”Padurea Domneasca”.

La Moșia Eco

The “La Moșia Eco” agro-pension is a tourist complex from the North of Moldova, specialized in the production and sale of eco vegetables and berries, certified at the national level. The story “La Moșia Eco” begins with idyllic rural landscapes, with vegetable fields and eco orchards, which testify to the place’s commitment to protecting the environment. Here, people can taste traditional dishes prepared from eco-local ingredients, giving them an authentic taste of Moldova. “La Moșia Eco” agro-pension is a place where guests are invited to connect with nature and local traditions. Guests can experience an evening by the pyre under the starry sky while listening to the sweet sound of the pan flute instrument and can choose to sleep on a hay bed looking up at the stars. It is a romantic and authentic experience that you will never forget.

Hanul cu Noroc

”Hanul cu Noroc” is an ecotourism guesthouse, located 100 m from the shore of the Stânca Costești reservoir. This is a perfect retreat for those who want to escape of urban bustle and enjoy nature, peace and fresh air with the smell of savory, acacia and linden. The guesthouse offers accommodation in an ecological environment, three houses, with six rooms each, with a total accommodation capacity of 24 people, equipped with all the necessary amenities. Just 7 minutes away from the ”Hanul cu Noroc” guesthouse, you can find the paleontological museum, one of the oldest human settlements, where the Neanderthal man lived about 250,000 years ago. Here, you can see natural mammoth teeth and hair, cave bear fossils, woolly rhinoceros, the giant deer, the bull, the broad-hooved horse.

International Museum Day

In 1977, the International Council of Museums (ICOM) established May 18th as the International Museum Day with the aim of recognizing the role of these cultural institutions in the development of society. This day aims to contribute to promoting the idea that museums are an important means of cultural exchange, enriching cultures, and fostering mutual understanding, cooperation, and peace among peoples.

Every year on May 18th, history, science, and art are celebrated worldwide through special programs.

Rogojeni Village

Gracefully perched along the tranquil banks of the Răut River, Rogojeni village unfolds like a picturesque painting frozen in time. Here, the Răut River forms a spectacular Yin Yang Valley, where diametrically opposite parts complement each other, imbuing this place with a unique spiritual aura.

Local historical monuments offer valuable insights into the ancient cultures that once thrived in the area, from the ancient Cucuteni-Trypillia culture to Ottoman bridge constructions and the ruins of a Russian Empire Zemstvo school. Curiosity draws you here to explore the specific dugout-style houses, named „bașca”, ingeniously constructed right on the edge of the cliff. These distinctive residences seamlessly blend with the natural surroundings, offering a spectacular view and a sense of adventure for those who visit. You can delve into the old Rogojeni lifestyle at the local museum „Bașca lui Țîra”.

Nistru Fest

Imagine this: the enticing aroma of wines from Moldova’s finest winemakers and culinary masterpieces from outstanding restaurateurs blending into one beautiful day, surrounded by songs and laughter. This all happens over two days: August 5th from 2pm to 10pm and August 6th from 12pm to 6pm in Zăluceni, Florești District. Welcome to Nistru Fest!

Nistru Fest is not just an event, it’s a celebration of soul, taste, and music. And you can experience all of this for just 300 lei if you purchase the ticket in advance. If you decide at the last minute, the ticket will cost 350 lei on the day of the festival. But this price is nothing compared to the richness of impressions waiting for you.

Under the caressing sun, Famber Winery, Somma Winery, Vinuri de Comrat, and Sapte Vinuri showcase their best varieties, accented by the elegant note of local vineyards. Don’t miss Sapte Vinuri wine, known for its deep, multifaceted taste, and the refined, elegant wines from Vinuri de Comrat.

And what can be better than delicious wine, if not delicious food? Our food court partners Casa Rinaldi, Forward, Hir Top, Provence, and Istorii cu Cascaval serve up gastronomic treasures. Try the wonderful cheeses from Istorii cu Cascaval, appetizing dishes from Casa Rinaldi, and unforgettable desserts from Provence.

However, Nistru Fest is not only about gastronomy and wines, but also about vibrant musical performances. Surrender to the music with Zdob si Zdub, Cuibul, Vali Boghean Band, Pasha Parfeni, and Space Cabel. Their melodies will fill the air with energy and serve as a wonderful complement to the rich tastes and aromas.


National Apple Fair

Dozens of apple producers gather in Soroca in mid-September as part of the National Apple Festival. The fortress on the Nistru River, like a queen, is surrounded by beautiful people and exhibitions of local products, agricultural machinery, apples, seed material, collections of folk craftsmen, and stands of district municipalities.

Ethno Folklore Festival of the Carpet and the National Costume – VIII edition

Festival of national traditions and culture