HalloWeRun by Cricova

Wine running race

  • 26 October

  • Cricova Cellars

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HalloWeRun – the most cheerful masked marathon, with dozens of prizes and running through the most spooky places in the famous CRICOVA underground galleries.  The runners, equipped with fronts and flashlights, will run through the known galleries but also the secret ones from CRICOVA, and at the end they will be waiting for a unique medal, sparkling wine, must or mulled wine, with the traditional Moldovan pies. Do not forget about the contest of the most horror costumes, the owner of each one being mentioned with a bottle of HalloWeRun wine, which you will not find anywhere else but at this event. All HalloWeRun participants can cover the distance of 5 or 10 km of the extreme route from the CRICOVA underground galleries. We prepare the costumes in advance, we come on the day of the competition at 8:00, so that we can catch the line at the facemasters who will add to our faces the level of horror that will scare the “spirits” of the underground galleries!!!

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