At Tarabostes Home

running race

  • 05 October

  • Chateau Vartely


Marathon “Home at Taraboste” Are you ready for a combination of energy, health, and fun? Then, welcome to the event that combines two extraordinary passions: the pleasure of running and the joy of savoring wines at Chateau Vartely! The Marathon “Home at Taraboste” and National Wine Day at Chateau Vartely come together in an epic experience that blends sports, nature, and the refinement of taste. The morning starts with the enthusiasm of runners gathering to participate in the “Home at Taraboste” Marathon, a picturesque race through the spectacular landscapes of Moldova. Starting from Chateau Vartely, runners will explore scenic routes, creating an atmosphere of joy and healthy competition. And because the day doesn’t end there, the “Home at Taraboste” Marathon transforms into a wine celebration at Chateau Vartely on National Wine Day. Participants and visitors are invited to discover the richness of local wines, participate in expert-led tastings, and relax in the welcoming atmosphere of the winery. So, join us and celebrate health, nature, and Moldovan traditions at this exceptional event! Details and reservations at the phone number: 079033206

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