Noroc! (This is how Moldovans greet our friends)

We are glad to have you as our guests during the European Political Community (EPC) Summit. We have prepared relevant information that will assist you in writing and compiling your articles.

The Summit is a significant event for our country as it will have a major impact on key sectors in the Republic of Moldova, bringing numerous benefits in addition to accelerating the European integration process. The development of economic relations with European states will result in attracting considerable investments to our country. Furthermore, this international visibility will ensure a higher influx of tourists in the future, contributing to the growth of the industry.

EPC Summit 2023 Venue:

The second European Political Community (EPC) Summit will take place at Mimi Castle in Moldova. Mimi Castle is located in Bulboaca village, Anenii Noi district, 30 km away from Chişinău International Airport. The approximate duration of the trip from the airport to Mimi Caste is about 25-30 minutes and from Chişinău to Mimi Castle about 45-50 minutes.

Mimi Castle was founded in 1893 and beautifully restored in 2011. The tourist complex of the winery includes a royal courtyard with evergreen gardens, a grand square with musical fountains, a multi-purpose events hall, a wine spa, a swimming pool, a summer terrace and picnic areas, and a restaurant offering unique ‘haute cuisine’ experiences. Accommodation is available in seven chalet-style cottages.

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Taste Moldova – Meet our local pruducers!

Moldovan food and our traditional dishes are very much connected to Moldovan culture and hospitality. We embrace the culinary traditions that our grandparents and great-grandparents passed on to us to create simple, but scrumptious, meals filled with traditional Moldovan dishes like placinte, sarmale, zeama or mamaliga. Combine these hearty dishes with Moldovan vegetables and fruit that you know are special and fresh when you taste them and the flavor explodes in your mouth. And, of course, Moldovan food is perfectly paired with Moldovan wine.

Below you can find a list of local producers who will showcase their products during the EPC Summit 2023:

The National Office of Vine and Wine (ONVV)

ONVV is the No. 1 expert in the Moldovan wine sector, which contributes to the regulation and sectors’ development acting as a platform for joint action of all those involved in increasing the competitiveness of wine products, capitalizing on authenticity and consumer orientation and those engaged in promoting Moldovan wines through the program and the national wine brand “Wine of Moldova – A legend alive”.


Established in 2001, Fruit2Go has garnered a strong reputation and earned the trust and recognition of its customers. It is a prominent supplier of organic and conventional walnuts/walnut kernels and dried fruits, operating in both wholesale and retail sectors. Owing to excellent quality and competitive prices, our products are exported in most European countries USA and Canada. 

Berries Group

Berries Group represents a company growing and selling soft fruits, with an area of about 40 ha of strawberries under management, post-harvest and fruit processing infrastructure, export to the EU and Swiss market with a range of fresh and frozen products.

Moldova Fruct

With more than 180 members, the Fruit Producers and Exporters Association of Moldova, also known as “Moldova Fruct”, is the largest association dedicated to advancing the horticultural sector in the Republic of Moldova. Members of Moldova Fruct are some of the largest, most sophisticated agro-businesses operating in Moldova today and include processors, growers, exporters, and service providers. The association represents the apple, apricot, cherry, peach, pear, plum, and table grape sectors, as well as food processors.

Honey Exporters Association (HEA)

The Honey Exporters Association (HEA) was founded in 2019 and represents 13 honey producers, consolidators, and processors in the Republic of Moldova. The members of the association process and export about 90 percent of the honey exported from the Republic of Moldova. Over 10 types of honey are produced in Moldova: polyfloral, sunflower, acacia, linden, may, coriander, sage, lavender, buckwheat, rapeseed. The quality of Moldovan honey is highly appreciated at various exhibitions and competitions.


The CAFELINI Company, present on the Moldovan market since 1998, specializes in chocolate and pralines production and in roasting of coffee beans. Over 20 years, the company has expanded its range of products and today it confirms its status as the only company that uses exclusively natural raw materials in both chocolate and coffee production.

Sălașul Baciului

Sălașul Baciului, a family business in Moldova, produces artisanal cheeses using Italian techniques. They offer sheep, cow, and goat milk cheeses made from 100% raw milk without additives. With a range of flavors, their cheeses captivate consumers seeking natural, high-quality options. Located in Sadaclia village, Basarabeasca district, they prioritize taste and quality in their rural production.

Cuptorul Dumitraș

The company’s primary focus is the production and baking of traditional pies (plăcinte) and pastries. We prioritize the use of natural ingredients, with 70% of our products sourced from agriculture. Our commitment to customer satisfaction drives us to expand rapidly and provide consumers with high-quality goods they can trust.

Eco Resort Butuceni

Eco-Resort Butuceni is one of the most picturesque places in Moldova. The experiences offered here are designed to provide you with a delightful stay in our complex. Guests can choose from our cozy rooms or cottages, indulge in a gastronomic experience, or participate in a culinary masterclass led by our hospitable chefs. Moreover, we have a mini zoo where you can spend a wonderful day with your entire family.

Moldova Tourism Press Kit 2022

Moldova Press Kit and Press Realeses

Our press kit is a great introduction to learning about Moldova, including:

  • Story ideas and what’s new in Moldova’s tourism sector
  • Main tourism attractions and quintessential travel experiences
  • Overview of history, culture and cuisine
  • Moldova’s 7,000-year old story of wine + modern transformation

Latest press releases:

Moldova wine tasting in the vineyard

Story Ideas and Latest Developments

  • Sustainable Tourism: The recent partnership with GSTC and investments in renewable energy show Moldova’s commitment to sustainability in the tourism industry with the aim of developing a sustainable tourism destination.
  • Wine Tourism: More than 150 km of wine routes highlighting 40 wineries around the country. Recent investments in wine tourism resulting in tasting rooms and wine tours (40 wineries), accommodation (10 wineries) and restaurants (20 wineries), meaning that travelers can have a full winery experience.
  • Adventure Travel: 150km of newly marked cycling routes in southern Moldova and 48km of new hiking trails in central Moldova with more routes planned soon!
  • Network of rural guest houses: investments in family-run guest houses mean quality accommodation with home-cooked traditional meals and a connection to nature and rural communities.
  • Dynamic capital city of Chișinău: Newly opened hip wine bars and restaurants focusing on local producers and fresh ingredients with a modern twist.
  • “A Small Country with a Big Heart” Documentary: Filmed in spring 2022 as Ukrainian families fled their houses and crossed the border into Moldova in search of safety, this Moldovan documentary tells this incredible story through the hosts of the rural guest houses in Moldova who provided safe refuge and a welcoming smile to their Ukrainian neighbors in need.

Visual Media Hub

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