Strawberry & Wine Fest

wine and strawberry festival

  • 02 June

  • Chateau Vartely


Chateau Vartely returns with one of the year’s most anticipated events, namely Strawberry Day! Strawberry Day at Chateau Vartely is not just an event but a memorable journey where the joy of fresh strawberries harmoniously blends with the refinement of sparkling wines from the Inspiron series, offered unlimited on this day. The event includes live music, adult recreational activities, and creative workshops for the little ones. A joyful atmosphere envelops Chateau Vartely, making Strawberry Day a memorable event for the whole family. Strawberry Day at Chateau Vartely represents a unique opportunity to spend a wonderful day amid nature, savoring the season’s delights and creating unforgettable memories with family and friends. It’s an event that brings joy, color, and flavor to the hearts of all guests. Details and reservations at the phone number: 079033206

Event location