Nocturne Night Run

Running race

  • 08 June

  • Purcari

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The Nocturne Night Run at Château Purcari is a night run, covering distances of 10 and 20 km, filled with plenty of fun, wine, and food prepared under the open sky. The starting line for this evening race will be set amid the vineyards of Château Purcari and through one of the most picturesque areas along the Dniester River. At the Nocturne Night Run at Château Purcari, participants can choose between two routes, one of 10 km and one of 20 km, both equipped with refreshment and hydration points every 5 km. Runners will be immersed in the special atmosphere created by Nocturne wines, whose secret lies in the nighttime grape harvesting, done manually by lantern light to preserve the aroma and specific intensity of each grape variety.

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