What’s the weather in Moldova? Year-Round Adventures Await!


Tucked away in Eastern Europe, Moldova reveals itself as a landlocked country that experiences a captivating symphony of weather changes all year round. Its summers are scorching, tantalising the senses, while its winters are frosty, painting the landscape in enchanting shades. Moldova’s climate takes centre stage, influencing its agriculture and cultural traditions in mesmerising ways. Join us on a thrilling journey through the seasons as we explore the diverse weather conditions that define Moldova’s essence. Uncover the hidden secrets woven within its ever-changing climate and witness the captivating interplay between nature and culture!

1. SPRING  – Blossoming Beauty and Mild Transitions

As winter gradually releases its grip of ice, Moldova welcomes the arrival of spring, a season characterised by blossoming and rejuvenation. From March, temperatures start to rise, signalling the end of the cold season. Spring in Moldova boasts mild and pleasant weather, with temperatures between 10 and 20 degrees Celsius (50 and 68 degrees Fahrenheit). Precipitation is frequent this season, providing the necessary nourishment for the flourishing vineyards and vibrant landscapes for which Moldova is renowned.

Spring is perfect for nature walks and getaways outside of Chisinau. In April you can admire the flowering trees all over the country, but especially in villages and on the outskirts of towns, as Moldova is populated by many orchards and fruit trees. Photo shoots are held in orchards, in the tulip and daffodil fields (Bardar), and small vendors with bouquets appear on the streets of the capital. May is one of the busiest months. There are festivals, ECO markets, craft markets, especially in Chisinau.

2. SUMMER – Sun-Kissed Days and Plenty of Activities

During the summer months, Moldova comes alive with sun-drenched days and bustling agricultural endeavors. From June to August, the country basks in its warmest weather, with temperatures frequently soaring to 30-35 degrees Celsius (86-95 degrees Fahrenheit). The scorching temperatures can even cause cars to heat up to 44 degrees. The abundant sunshine and high temperatures provide the perfect environment for the maturation of grapes and other crops. This season serves as a vital period for farmers as they cultivate and nurture their produce, harnessing the full potential of the sun’s energy to ensure a bountiful harvest. Long days of sunshine and dry weather make summer the perfect time to explore Moldova’s picturesque vineyards and savour the rich flavours of its wines at the country’s finest wineries. We recommend tours with accommodation, to get the full feel of summer evenings over a glass of wine!

In Chisinau, thanks to the trees and greenery everywhere, temperatures are lower – 25 – 30 degrees Celsius. You’ll always be able to find a cool terrace to shelter from the heat and have a refreshing drink in the shade of a tree.

The summer season is also full of events, especially summer festivals outside the city. Now post-pandemic, people have been eager to catch up and don’t miss opportunities to spend time with friends. In addition, Moldovans love to get out in their cars and go to the villages for the weekend, as most city dwellers have their families in the village. It’s very easy to find a local to join in the fruit picking (apricots, raspberries, strawberries and all sorts of fruits and vegetables).

In the summer there are concerts, exhibitions in museums or outdoors, and (HINT!) the wine bars in Chisinau are always full of people from 7pm onwards 🙂

Photographers organize photo sessions in fields of rape (May), poppies (May), wheat fields (June), lavender (June), sunflowers (July). Active refreshing sports such as kayaking, stand-up paddle on the Dniester, paragliding, parachute jumping are very popular! By the way, If you prefer passive activities, in Moldova you can fish in several areas!

3. AUTUMN – A tapestry of colour and generous harvests

themselves with a vibrant palette of red, orange, and gold leaves. The months of September and October bring milder temperatures, ranging from 10 to 20 degrees Celsius (50 to 68 degrees Fahrenheit), creating an idyllic setting for countryside exploration. It’s the perfect time to immerse oneself in the beauty of the surroundings. Additionally, this season is marked by an abundance of harvest festivals and wine celebrations, reflecting Moldova’s deep-rooted connection to its agricultural heritage. Winemakers gather the fruits of their labor and prepare for the winemaking process, showcasing the country’s rich traditions.

Autumn beckons with its invitation to take leisurely walks amidst Moldova’s diverse topography. With its captivating hills, valleys, and expansive fields, the scenery transforms into a breathtaking spectacle of vivid colors—an authentic landscape painting come to life. Visitors during this season often flock to wineries and vineyards around Chișinău, indulging in tours and tastings. It’s also a time when fruit, vegetable, and especially grape-picking activities are in full swing, allowing individuals to actively participate in the region’s agricultural traditions.

Speaking of wine, late autumn is also the harvest of ice wine. Did you know that Moldova ranks among the top ice wine producers in the world? In late autumn, Moldova benefits from its temperate climate zone, where the ideal temperature creates the perfect conditions for the production of a unique type of wine. The grapes undergo a natural freezing process, thanks to the climate, resulting in a distinctively sweet, aromatic, and exceptional wine, setting it apart from wines produced in other regions. Ice wine is widely available at numerous wine producers in Moldova, and you can often find it in wine bars as well.

4. WINTER – Crisp air and frosty landscapes

Moldova undergoes a magical transformation during winter, as the landscape is covered in a pristine blanket of snow, creating a picturesque winter wonderland. From December to February, temperatures plunge below freezing, typically ranging from -5 to 0 degrees Celsius (23 to 32 degrees Fahrenheit). While the weather can be chilly, it brings forth a unique charm, especially in rural areas where traditional winter activities such as sledding and ice skating are enthusiastically enjoyed. It’s the perfect time to cozy up with a glass of mulled wine or indulge in hearty local cuisine, which becomes a delightful norm during this season.

Winter in Moldova is not just about waiting for Christmas and spending quality time with loved ones. The season is brimming with exciting events and activities, including concerts, exhibitions, and diverse cultural gatherings. It’s also a popular time for escapades to beautifully landscaped areas, and as the cold weather sets in, the demand for saunas rises in contrast. Many accommodations, wineries, and other venues offer saunas, such as Casa in Lunca (Trebujeni) , Eco Resort (Butuceni) , Chateau Vartely, Zăvoiul Nistrului, and more. So, immersing yourself in the warmth of a glass of mulled wine and savoring delicious local cuisine is a must during the winter season in Moldova.

See places with traditional food and mulled wine here.

In this land of diverse climates, Moldova’s weather is more than a mere backdrop; it is a key player in shaping the country’s identity. From the verdant vineyards that produce renowned wines to the pristine forests that house a myriad of flora and fauna, each season gifts its own unique experience. So, embrace the ever-changing skies, feel the rhythm of the seasons, and let Moldova’s captivating weather be your guide. As you immerse yourself in its extraordinary tapestry, you’ll discover that this small country holds a world of wonders, waiting to be explored and cherished.