Beleu Bio Fest

The festival is organized on the shores of Lake Beleu, which is part of the ‘Prutul de Jos’ biosphere reserve, included in the UNESCO World Network of Biosphere Reserves, and focuses on promoting the natural, cultural, and gastronomic heritage of the Slobozia Mare and Lower Prut Valley region, with an emphasis on Lake Beleu. Visitors will enjoy activities such as bird watching, boat and ATV rides, nature hikes, as well as music and folk dances.

Nocturne Night Run

The Nocturne Night Run at Château Purcari is a night run, covering distances of 10 and 20 km, filled with plenty of fun, wine, and food prepared under the open sky. The starting line for this evening race will be set amid the vineyards of Château Purcari and through one of the most picturesque areas along the Dniester River. At the Nocturne Night Run at Château Purcari, participants can choose between two routes, one of 10 km and one of 20 km, both equipped with refreshment and hydration points every 5 km. Runners will be immersed in the special atmosphere created by Nocturne wines, whose secret lies in the nighttime grape harvesting, done manually by lantern light to preserve the aroma and specific intensity of each grape variety.

Friends & Family Picnic Party

Celebrate family and loved ones in a wonderful atmosphere at Chateau Purcari! We have transformed the idea of a regular picnic into a grand, yet cozy public event filled with the delicious flavors of food prepared at our extended food court, romantic and comfortable themed areas, tempting and useful masterclasses for adults, children, parents and kids, quality harmonious music, décor and compositions for creative photo sessions, select wines, and good vibes for perpetual memories. Bring your friends, family, relatives and come relax and enjoy all that we have prepared for you at our winery. The party atmosphere will be heated up by the renowned and beloved performer, representative of the Republic of Moldova at the international Eurovision-2023 competition, Pasha Parfeni. The little ones will find fun, sports and ingenious activities here, as well as memorable surprises!

Dulce Floare de Salcâm

Every May in the picturesque village of Văleni, located on the banks of the Prut River, the ethnographic-folklore festival “Sweet Acacia Flower” takes place. Held in a meadow full of blooming acacia trees, the festival brings together folk groups from the region, as well as from nearby counties in Romania. Here, people passionate about traditional dance and music and the customs of our people gather. The local group “Crăițele”, led by “boonika” and “boonelul”, characters beloved not only in Moldova, but also beyond its borders, is not missing from the festival.

Gagauz kilimneri

The Gagauz National Carpet Festival invites all those who are aware and passionate about decorative arts and applied them  in the village of Gaidar.

The event will include a multinational platform of national agricultural households. Here, you will have the opportunity to get acquainted with the traditions of carpet weaving of the people living in the south of Moldova and watch the presentation of unique carpets. There will also be available a fair of memorable souvenirs that will become a pleasant memory of Gagauzia.

All participants in the event will witness the historic moment of the ceremony of opening of the restored mills, which is a significant tourist attraction.