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Geography and Climate

“Where is Moldova, anyway?” you ask. We are a small country in Southeast Europe whose neighbors are Romania and Ukraine. Most of our territory lies between two rivers — the Prut and Nistru.

What’s the best time to visit? Anytime! Moldovan summers are long and warm, and winters mild and dry. In January, the temperature rarely drops below -4 ° Celsius, or 25 Fahrenheit. Most of our rain comes in early summer and October. It does not rain often in Moldova, but when it does, watch out — there can be a deluge.

Moldovan has black, mineral-rich soil called chernozem. Because of our fertile land, Moldova was known as the Garden of the Soviet Union, feeding the other Soviet republics with the most delicious fruits and vegetables imaginable. Rumor had it that other republics sneaked trucks into Moldova to scoop up our soil for their less fertile environs.

If you like pristine agricultural landscapes, with vineyards, huge sunflowers, and shimmering wheat or rape fields, you will love Moldova.

Moldovans are also proud of their forests, or Codri. There you will find peace and tranquility, along with deer, foxes, wild cats, rare mammals like ermine, and hundreds of bird species.

In the old days, we did not have just one Robin Hood who defended the poor, but many. They were called Haiduks. They hid in the Codri, where no one could catch them. Like Haiduks, Moldovans enjoy spending the weekends in the woods. You will often see a parked car on the edge of a Codri road and hear the sounds of a loud picnic with barbecue and beer.